Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Parakeets and Snowglobes

Coulson, Ty and Billy, in 10 years these buds will still be grooving friends! Its so nice to see, I moved around so much I wasn't able to have a friend all through school. However those I made in High School are still in my heart :)

Ty and his bud Coulson post play.. Ty is a parakeet and Coulson is a turtle! They were grooving dudes! I am so proud of Ty he memorized all the songs and all of his lines! He even surprised the audience with a parakeet accent!

Family meetings are a nightly occurrence, typically Rylie is upset no one is taking her concerns seriously... Oliver farts and Ty tries to contain his giggles and Livie is keeps her cool while applying lip gloss.

Moustache's make me laugh

This dude makes me laugh and smile and wonder where he gets his mischievousness from?

Ty posing next to our homemade snowglobes:) What a great activity!

Ty's snowglobe contains a t-rex skull, which he placed next to his dino's on display.

Rylies were placed next to her angel display in her room.

Not too sure where they are looking or why Rylie looks slightly possessed?

Baby food jars, glitter galore and ornaments dab a little hot glue add some water and VOILA

Over the past few days I have began to feel more calm, when the glitter settles in my jar and I am able to see more clearly I realize that no matter how I choose to conduct myself there will always be obstacles, the difference is when I am doing things that bring me peace, I am able to shake off the bigger flakes. I am able to show more peace and feel more comfort. I love my children and I love that I am the one that gets to raise them and show them the way, teach them right from wrong and love their little cheeks. I am weeks away from finding out my final placement and a little bird has let me in on a secret....

While out in the community nursing and caring for my brain injured clients, I ran into a nurse I worked with at CRT which is my dream job, and she gave me a big hug and said they would love for me to do my placement with them. It made me cry and squeal at the same time. I put my heart and soul into nursing and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I am doing it. My prayers are pleading I get this placement, no night shifts, right by my house and amazing people to learn from.

I have learnt more from my brain injured clients then I could ever have imagined, my one patient has agnosia of objects, names and faces. So basically he has no memory of an object after he turns away from it, the same goes for names and faces, so each time he looks at you, you are new and unfamiliar.
I cannot imagine literally living in confusion every waking minute of my life, not knowing what a hot dog is and what you do with it, not knowing my name, not knowing a fork from a cat. And yet he smiles and says he is blessed, he knows he lives somewhere where people act like they know him, even though he doesn't remember them. All he asks is that he has root beer and chips... So simple yet pure.

We had an adventure yesterday, he told me if i kept a (held up a fork) didn't know the name, in my hand instead of the ''black thing that vibrates'' (my phone), i would never have to say to the (fork), ''why didn't you call me back''. I laughed so hard, he has what I consider to be a very sad life and yet he tell me all the time mine is too busy and I need to nap more, so I don't stretch my mouth (yawn).


jessica&john.com said...

Merry Christmas Eve to the Rudolph fam. I love this post. The analogy of the snow globe is beautiful and I will always think of it during hard times.
I hope you get that job. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. It sounds perfect.
Is there anyway you can take this off private??? I really think there are lots of souls out there that need your writing. There has to be some way. Can you change the name and not write your kiddo's names. Just saying:)