Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Monday, September 26, 2011

Once Upon a Brownie...

While having the neighbourhood over for fresh brownies and hot chocolate Noni decided to do this...

I dont have many words... he then ran away saying 'who wants me to do a replay of peeing?'

Rylie preferred to dump the homemade buns in her hot chocolate while Nonis buns were gracing the front door.

The whole lot of rugrats

Rylie and Raquel

Oh Oliver

I asked Ty to smile and this is what I got LOL

On another note I am at a point in my life where I am beginning to know who I am and if others choose to diagnose, decide and label me then I do not have room for them in my life. I am fine if a painter tells me my blue is the wrong hue and if a Vet tells me my cat has fleas. I am however not ok if a dog groomer tells me something that has nothing to do with dog grooming.

I am ok with weeding out my garden and choosing which flowers to grow, some say blood is thicker than water but I have recently decided the old addage of oil and water is much more prominent. Ill use the water to grow my garden and love my kids and finish school. And if some choose to judge then so be it. I simply do not care.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Hazel is 6 and Azlan likes hockey...

My little one,

I already love you so much ! I am 21 1/2 weeks pregnant. Already past the halfway mark. I want you to know that I have and always will love you with all I have. I also want you to know that you are a unique and wonderful Child of God and you have been sent here to Earth to me, daddy and Ty. We all truely love you little one. In about 12 more weeks I am going to find out if you are a girl or a boy. I feel that you are a girl! Either way I will love you more than life itself.

Love your mommy

May 23 2005

and now she is 6 and steals my camera to snap pics of the neighbourhood gals!

Rylie with little Emma- who has a twin named Benny! and their mum is my bestie and my neighbour

When I was preggers with Rylie I went to visit my grandpa who was dieing, I knew it was the last time I would see him, and I wanted to name her after him. We decided on Hazel Alwyn, however my husband at the time said NO to Hazel :( Luckily Heavenly Father was listening and he gave her the most beautiful Hazel hair and eyes!

Loving the horses she received for her birthday and the oh so chique hat auntie kimme got her :)

Rylie with the barn cake I made for Rylie! I love that my kids think my near disaster cakes are awesome!

The stable, Appaloosa and Palamino

The whole shebang, including the Black Stallion and the white horse which I am not sure of its breed.

I need cake lessons! My vision never seems to turn out as well as anticipated.

The cake in all its grandeur

Cutest party guest... Mr. Lennox:) and Noni checking out his cousin

and then theres Azlan...

Azlan likes to chill.... the hockey net

I love this muchkin so very much

How could you not love this face?.... Exactly... You love her too!

Happy Birthday Rylie Dawn Alwyn

You will always be my Hazel...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I want to be a Palaeontologist

I ventured with the kids to Courtenay to go to the Palaeontology Museum and signed us up for a fossil hunt/tour along the Rutledge River, where 2 fully intact Elasamasaurus's have been found!

Not so much in love with my face however Rylie's are priceless!

Ty showing my what an ammonite looks like

Olivia was soooo excited to dig for fossils as you can see! Ya not so much, but she did collect lots of nice pebbles.

Oliver throwing rocks right before he fell in :)

Are you for real? Did Dad and I just find an 83 million yr old clam fossil?

Sure Did!

and then.... he found a gorgeous ammonite! and on the other side was a fossilized clam! a double whammy

Safety First

Oh look theres my foot right in the line of the hammer n chisle!

Ty signing a petition to make the Elasmosaur the official fossil of British Columbia

Noni and myself treking back up the HUGE hill

Oh so cool!
Palaeontology: prefix from Greek palaios, ancient. noun. the branch of geology that deals with prehistoric forms of life through the study of plant and animal fossils.

I coordinated them, easier to locate :), Thanks Missy, Mum and Auntie Carol for the adorable pillow case dress's

Future Palaeontologist

Whitespot for lunch and pretending to play Keno :)

Oh the faces these two make


In an attempt to line my ducks in a row and alleviate my bodies defence against stress, which seems to be 25 day long bouts of strep throat, I have decided to not start my clinical next month. My school has been great and is corrdinating with my placement to extend my start date into November. I am greatful to just have the 6 courses to worry about and no work or 24 hr a week clinical. I need the break, my body and mind are worn out.

I will also continue my massive free hand butterfly crosstitch I have been working on for 8 yrs :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond is the name of Rylies Ranch as well as the movie my name came from...

The following is our story of August

Marwyn the fairy that a tops Rylies Ranch

Ty turned 7 and one of our B day traditions is that I go all cake boss on myself and attempt to create whatever they request! Ty asked for a Nintendo DS cake

and for the record... fondant is like way too hard for my cake baking skills!

What I love about Ty is his kind heart and sweet soul, he is as swift as a fox and sneaky as a badger, but as you can see he loves his great grandad and is always happy to see him.

Engrossed in his fossil book :) and cape!

and his super cool where's waldo book

Happy Birthday Ty

and four days later I journeyed to Alberta....

for something...

books, no i didnt fly to Alberta just for books :) I received them while I was there, I also recieved love, warmth and family.

what I saw when I woke up, I also saw a familiar face that I hadnt seen in many years...

this is an awful pic of me I look like a giant yellow wambat! however i was happy so here is the long awaited pic...

and the yellow wambat is back!

Jeff and my Uncle Russ

Eric my cousin, who is also Russ's son is also in Nursing school and our last memory of each other was having a farting contest and eating fudgsicles! good times

I gained insight into a part of who I am... Some interesting facts

I am apparently Irish and didnt know it, odd because all my kids have Irish names

My anxiety and panic attacks are infact genetic! woohoo I am not completely to blame

Curly hair and a love of food are in abundance

My love of books is shared

My thoughts such as world hunger and charging inmates to be in jail were enjoyed by all

I have also come to learn that the here and now are what matterss, what happened 15 years ago cannot be changed, it can however haunt you every single day. I am choosing to not let it haunt me, rather embrace family members I thought were lost, to build new relationships and to grwo as a human being.

An old cabinet, some paint and Schleich animals, above is the pond

the chickens and kitties:) oh and Azlan somehow got herself preggers while I was away!

The rabbit hutch, one of my personal favourite sections

The cows and of course a donkey

Work horses and some woodpecker art :)

The whole Ranch! I am quite proud of myself, it also comes equipped with a Land Rover and horse trailer:)

oh and strep for 3 weeks, 3 types of antibiotics and....... now I have trush! i am too cool for words right now.