Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Monday, December 16, 2013

Often sometimes

Sometimes I think of life as I thought it "should" be often I wonder why do I think like that.....

Sometimes when it's 0300 and I'm on nurse/mum/Laundry /puke patrol I become overwhelmed that's its just me... Hauling mattresses into the tub to scrub.. 

Often I'm happy and smiling that despite all odds and stats were happy and well. Often I think wow Chelsea your doing it. 

Like that time we whisked off to Ucluelet I wore a hot mess of a Walmart masterpiece to hot tub in ( I forgot my swimsuit and Port Alberni had limited options) . Ty said " mum your still beautiful"  despite leopard print misplaced  hot shorts and a " top" that would make seagulls run.  Like the time I worked late and picked up overtime to pay for doctor assessments. 

Then there's sometimes when I think why? how? Can I do it? 

Then I remember the often and I crawl into bed with one or more munchkins that have snuck in, I use the tip of the pillow and curl up in a hockey blanket and or heart fuzzy one depending on who has crashed my bed. 

I wake up tackle lunches breakfast dressing brushing ( I could care less if they have tangles) matching socks are for .. Well not me.  drop off kids head to work and bam :) 

But despite it all, the lack of sleep the yearning for "alone time" I am blessed with four kids who are amazing people and they call me mum, they also yell and freak and hug and kiss. They are real little. Munchkins and I'm their mum and we all share five things in common: 
The ability to yap your ear off
The love of learning
Cats!!! Cats are awesome and we will all testify to said fact!