Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Monday, June 21, 2010


Sorry the pics are so small I will try and figure it out!!LOL So I had the opportunity to enter a Redken Makeover Challenge and here she is the lovely Courtenay!!


before again!



voila voila!!

mucho voila!

ever so voila!

and VOILA!
If only making over my life was this easy, I wouldnt have a care in the world.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have a little secret that is no longer a secret... I enjoy watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and New York! Not because I long to be like them, rather I am fascinated at their stupidity. Every morning while I wait at Ty's school for the bell to ring I stand amongst the other mothers, fathers and caregivers. I have noticed a recurring theme.... cliques.

You have the mums that exercise together, the working mums, the single mums, the shy mums and the mums whose husbands work together at the hospital and the mums who grow their own baby food and birth at home.

While I get the theory that like attracts like I have yet to understand why women cannot just be women and embrace the fact that yes we are all different. At the end of the day do we not all have the same simple wishes? clean houses, happy children, enough money, our ideal body type, companionship, one less dish and our own sanity?

Why then must we segregate those not in our social status, those with smaller hips, or those who choose to birth at home. We all need friends with similar like and dislikes. However we all need the strength that comes from numbers and the strength that comes from other women and their experiences.

I'm a floater, I have never had 1 group or 1 set of friends. For good or bad I have always been able to chat up and have a conversation with any one. While on a school field trip with Ty's class this past Thursday all the mums pulled a table together instead of grouping off, except for two birth at home mums, they missed out on some serious bonding!

Within 15 minutes Jacob P.'s mum blurted out "' I weigh 190 lbs and I am happy!!!'', Elizabeth's mum followed with ''I am turning 40 and not happy!!!'' I then followed with ''I want plastic surgery!''

We all found out that there was some area of all of us that was being taken over by gravity, we all felt tired and worn out. We shared marriage tips and things to avoid, foods to eat and how all of had at least 2 loads of laundry to do. By the end of the field trip we realized we were useless parents to bring on a field trip because we sat and yapped the whole time completely forgetting to participate.

Ms. Williams came over and said '' relish these times, because we all need the strength of other women, too often we get caught up in our own routine that we forget to look outside our circle''.

So here is a shout out to all the women who are giving it their all. Especially when it never appears that we are giving it our all!


School Update

I have officially started Psychiatric Nursing School!!!!!!! My plan is to graduate with honors in 2 years secure a job with the Federal Prisons and continue on for my Masters and then .... Doctor Chelsea!!!!! yes that is right you can get your Doctorate's in Psychiatric Nursing with a specialty in Forensics. And P.S. if I get on with the Federal Prisons not only will they pay me to work but they will pay for all my further education.

Student ID

Bad pic cause it was taken from my web cam on my laptop while I am laying on a hotel bed about to embark on day 2 of my education journey...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have had oodels of posts at the tip of my brain for weeks now and yet they never seem to make it to print.
I was going to write a post on Robin Hood and how I live in the Sherwood Forrest!( which I do)
I live on Sheriff Way, if you hang a right you will hit Prince John Way followed by King Richard, Maid Marion, and Robin Hood. I had eloquent descriptions of why the names had meaning but they have disappeared.
I was going to write about the troubles of my heart and why I struggle with the balancing act. But I am still struggling and feel troubled and don't quite know how to put in on screen.
I had a post surrounding the awesomeness of my children and how they make it all worthwhile!
I had a post regarding my sheer hate of dogs. I can appreciate that others need the attention and companionship of a dog however I have enough needing going on when I come home and the last thing I need is a four legged animal needing me. Not to mention my dog eats my bras.
I am starting Psychiatric Nursing School on the 11th of June and I am seriously nervous and scared to death, which I was going to eloquently share.
I was going to delve into the delima of my bum shoulder. Which is getting worse and there are some days where I cannot do up my bra. Which wasn't a big deal a week ago because my dog had eaten them all!
I was about to enlighten you all on the joys of boundaries and why we need them. When I realized I had let mine down and let people in who were negative and hurt full.
Lesson learned: never let your boundaries down.
I am definitely a walker, when things are not going well I tend to walk/run as fast as I can. I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing. There are times where running has saved me. Right now though I think running will only hurt me more.
So I will walk and see how it goes.