Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Friday, November 23, 2012

Alberta Bound

Books were read, I'm on a historical kick right now so the trip started off with some Soviet Union reads and ended with Abraham Lincoln.
The snow was ever present and to my surprise I loved it! It made me aware of how much I hate the Island rain rain and more rain and the non existent sun:( at least in the prairies the sun is shining despite the -25 weather.
The plane ride was far too turbulent for my stomach and I've been on a lot of planes in my days, good thing it was over in 1 hr 32 minutes.
Miss Sophie Mia and I bonded! Shocking I know as I'm not a dog person at all. She was such a sweety and I actually miss her.
Much to my surprise my rain coat didn't cut the -20 weather and I was treated to a Mountain Equipment Coop shopping day! Toque mittens and the warmest coat :)
The digs were pretty snazzy too! Very relaxing and peaceful.
I found the medicine ball in my dads basement while Sophie and I were watching TV. It is one of my fondest childhood memories of him it was always in his office:) it brought great memories and smiles.

Back home is bitter sweet, so happy to be with my kids and sad to leave my family. A spring road trip with the munchkins is in the works !!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


There are times when your legs feel like they have been ripped off, when the ground collapses just as you need a foundation, when u search for light only to see the bleak reality. There are times you question and beg why, times u get ahead only to then need help again. There are times that ill wishes behaviours and acts of others are present, times when perceptions are thrown like daggers...

And then I realized its all just time, time is constant in that it always changes , it's always there and always will be. This is just a sliver of the rest of my life it's just a piece of time. But it's mine and I get to choose what I will fill it with, I cannot choose what others do with theirs. With mine I will do the best I can to protect and love my children, keep our family unit our own and fill our days with those that know us and love us as we do for them. We will laugh cry eat walk sing make mistakes and keep trying to make the best of our time.