Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lost in translation...

I have been warped somewhere between too much on my plate and there is still too much on my plate however I now don't have to study... For me this means I am attempting to adjust to my life post nursing school. I am catching way more of my fav shows, chilling with kiddos, attempting but never successful with the laundry :) and reading for enjoyment!!! There are also challenges the kiddos and I are facing that have pretty much shook me to the core and made me question, scream, cry, collapse, punch pillows and rely on friends and family to keep me afloat... None the less we are here  facing each day with smiles (sometimes not so much), I am a happily graduated Registered Psychiatric Nurse, my kids will be returning from a dream vacation from Alberta with my parents tomorrow. I am so grateful they were able to go they have been through more since March 6 2012 then anyone should have to go through and they were in need of an escape.

In the role I play as a nurse I never thought I would have to access the resources I tell my patients to access... humbling doesn't even begin to describe how it feels, but I work with some amazing peeps who are supportive and awesome and I have interacted with different community agencies both as a nurse and a  mother/consumer.

So one last night to myself, one more morning with the option of sleeping in (even though my internal clock wakes up at 6am daily with or without kids!) and then I get to see my rugrats:)


pink queen said...

Hay Dear Thats a nice Blog.Nice Thinking,Hope You will be batter in your life.
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