Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First time being tagged!

Four shows I watch:

1. The Good Wife
2. Real Housewives of Orange County
3. Real Housewives of New York
4. Real Housewives of New Jersey

Four things I am passionate about:

1. My children
2. My husband
3. Psychiatric Nursing
4. My brain

Four phrases I say a lot:

1. Youre driving me crazy!
2. I'm gunna loose it!
3. One.... two..... three....
4. Hi my name is Chelsea I will be your student nurse today

Four things I have learned from the past:

1. Judging brings you down
2. Strength comes from places you never imagined
3. Life is too short to worry( i still worry though:))
4. Online dating can be a great thing

Four places I would like to go:

1. Pennsylvania
2. Africa
3. Istanbul
4. On a date with my husband

Four things I did yesterday:

1. Went to an amazing seminar by Dr. Earl Henslin regarding the BRAIN and all its wonders!
2. Did a 360 on the freeway! (very scary)
3. Hugged and kissed my kids.
4. Decided I am going to take the supplement pharmagabba for the rest of my life!

Four things I am looking forward too:

1. Waxing my hairy upper lip:) I am worried icicles may form!
2. Shopping for Christmas presents for my kids.
3. Graduating from school
4. Todd being able to work so I can quit my job

Four things I love about winter:

1. Hot apple cider
2. Christmas
3. Snow on trees
4. Movie/ popcorn days with the kids

Four things on my wish list:

1. Healthy happy children
2. A pandora bracelet
3. A calm Basal Ganglia and Temporal Lobes:) ( Dr. Henslin has opened up my mind and helped me realize I need to give my Basal Ganglia a break and a little extra TLC)
4. A happy productive marriage

Four people I tag:

1. Kirsti
2. Kimme
3. Jessica G.
4. Allison B. :)