Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Saturday, July 30, 2011

to be a reisinger continued

I should be doing my essay but alas posting pics of my cats seems more important. Also if you are confused in the following posts about how many times my hair color changes in a year, dont be :) Its just me and currently I am blonde and honey and shall post pics soon of its awesomeness! HAHA

Lucifee is huge and Azlan is catching up! They love each other.... except for when Azlan attacks Lucifee's face :)

Love this handsome devil

love this lion in the making

and I love that they love each other and that they let us, their family snuggle and pack them around

In order to be a Reisinger you must...

dip your chicken nuggets in chocolate pudding

pose post pumpkin carving

have big muscles

love your siblings

wear sunglasses for protection

smile with your mum

chill on nana's bed

have cluttered kitchen countertops and forever changing hair color (only if your the mum)

make funny faces at the table

build like your daddy

hold pencils in your mouth like your daddy

complete awesome wood work projects

you must enjoy mommy dates

go and pet the goats

go to the Temple to see all of nana and papa's hard work

eat whitespot on the ferry

love your hubby and snuggle

love your bro and smile

put balloons in your pants

go on a ferry

dress in dress up no matter your gender and OWN it!

chill with neighbours all day long


When Rylie entered K her ''lmnop's' were a little hard to say and she looked this cute trying


(you are correct to notice that my daughter is wearing mis matched gloves and correct in assuming that her socks are mis matched as well.... or as I say uniquely paired)




MAKING APPLE SAUCE WITH MRS. KANT(but the kids call her mrs. CAN)


If my twins are lucky enough to have Ms. Williams as their K teacher I will feel blessed. She has been great to both #1 and #2 children! Rylie has grown so much this year and I am thankful for the great pics her teacher sent home of the year so I could share them with yall.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


My Uncle whom I love dearly was having some health issues and during the course of our emails he ended up giving me more support than I thought I was giving him :)
C-Go to Church
P- Pray often
R- Read your scriptures

Thank you Uncle Tim for your simple yet profound advice, we talked about Old Chief a mountain in Cardston Alberta that reminds me of strength and hope, we talked about flying, we talked about the gospel and how when you need it most it can seem far away. My Uncle Tim is a man who I have always loved, I had a crush on him when I was a little girl, I loved going flying with him and hanging out in his airplane hanger looking at his paintings, and playing with his labradors.
I have always mastered one or two of the CPR's yet never all three at the same time, and now that my actual use of CPR(medical) takes up most of my time and CRT (Crisis Response Team), it may be a while before I can master all three.

Crisis Response Team has been the most amazing opportunity to date in my schooling. We are all RPN's, RN's, Psychologist and Psychiatrists and we respond to crisis's in the community and the ER . The part I love the most is that I do not leave until the crisis is resolved, it is fulfilling and exciting, adrenaline inducing, saddening and hopeful. When I was offered the position of ESN (employed student nurse) I have been given some amazing opportunitites, one of them working with CRT which by the way is where I want to work once I am done school in 10 months! I love it, I feel like I actually can make an impact. I get called in and the patients seem relieved to see me, I'm not the intake nurse who questions and sometimes judges, becasue mental health patients in the ER seem to ''annoy'' the staff, heaven forbid we see the brain as part of the phsyical body! Seriously changing that stigma is on my to do list. I hug them, laugh with them, cry and educate them, find them safe housing, detox centres, rehab facilities, liason them with community resources that will help them and a lot of the time suggest they be admitted and commited under the mental health act.

I have met some of the most incredible people and feel inadequete next to their experience and knowledge, but the one thing I am learning is that we all have something to share and give to others. I also suppose the reason I am blogging so much since starting my internship with CRT is because it is emotionally taxing and I need to express the feelings :)
Me, I need some immediate CPR and CRT on myself in a bad way, I have always seen the good in people and sometimes that is awesome and sometimes it means my good intentions are taken advantage of. I am going to listen to myself when I counsel my patients and take the advice home and actually put it into practice.

I nearly adopted a 17 yr old on Saturday and brought her home! Not even joking, her story was something that not even 50 people should have endured and there she was all alone, needing a mum, needing encouragment, tips on applying eyeliner and support. Is it too much to ask that a child have a loving parent who cares for them? When my kids are older and I am feeling emptynesty I know I will have to take the older children with no one in, it just feels right. Sometimes when I look at the sky and see the clouds, the beauty of the ocean and hear the rain, i wonder how admist the beauty there can be such devastation, the most devastating part of her story was that she didnt even know how awful it was. Todd didnt even seem shocked that I was going to bring her home :) I guess he knows me and my heartng and I love him for putting up with all my emotionalness lately! When I was leaving and saying goodbye to her she wouldnt let go she just held onto me, I told her she was beautiful and deserving of love, safety and shelter and that I would make sure she received all of the above as best as I could. She looked at me and said why are you doing this for me, and I told her she was worth it, she was worth me wanting to adopt her, me crying and being moody for two days because I officially know I cant save anyone, I can only help and educate. Pray for this young girl she needs all the angels she can get right now.
good night..

Friday, July 22, 2011

Aliens, The Mothership and Low Self Esteem

Today I realized I can handle the patient who has literally just gotten off the mother ship and feels i am an evil alien than the young boy who has no self esteem. It really effected me, he was young, too young to hate himself, not that we should hate our selves at any age but he was much too young. It really drove home the point of self esteem and me wanting my children to not only have healthy self esteem but for them to be kind to others. The effects of bullying are devastating and to see them present in this young man was heart breaking, especially since he truly feels he is not worth even the conversation that I had with him, he kept appologizing for taking up my time, not matter how much I told him he was worth even more time than I had to give him he simply just didnt see it. I feel the importance of having self esteem and treating other kindly and selflessly go hand in hand.
The mother ship sorted itself out and in the end I was still the bad alien and for some strange reason I can digest those moments more than seeing something that could have been preventable. I always see my patietns as my children and it breaks my hearts their family members arnt there to support them(which happens more than not), it hurts to hear what happened to them as children and at the end of the day I couldnt imagine doing anything else as a career even though at times the stories make me want to vomit literally. I am greatful I have the opportunity to help people who need it, to work with people who have taught me more than I could ever teach them and to teach my children the importance of mental health- which by the way is something we all posess, and 1in 4 of us will have or be directly affected by mental illness in our lifetime! I am working with some union representives to start educating in the schools about mental health and mental illness and I am really excited to see where this goes! Education is key and since I am on a soap box these issues and dilemmas need to be taught to our children so they are not ignorant to the realities of mental illness, so they use compassion instead of judgments and so that we can try and stop the hurt.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Look of Love

I have began to realize just how much I write, use words and express myself through them! I read 100-250pgs of text books a week, I read my essays after writing them for days, I read my patients charts and Dr.'s orders, I write my case studies and care plans, I read stories to my patients...
Speaking of reading to patients, my one patient wanted me to read to her and all she had was a murderous steamy romance novel! oh dear and the impact of her anerisms had made her fixated on death and s.. soooo I felt the need to change the entire story line! LOL after I read three chapters of my imagination and not the words I was seeing, she said 'that is a reallllly bad novel!'. and ps those steamy romance novels made me blush and shocked you can buy them at the dollar store!

I love that I am learning, I love that through reading and writing I am able to increase my financial earnings x1000%, I love that it makes me a more well rounded peep, I love that it makes me smile and scream in frustration at how long the chp is!

So here is where my head/face/mind has been for the past umpteen longish 2 years :)
(when i locate my camera i shall photograph the gazillions of books including the one that weighs... are you ready... 21 lbs!!!!)

and in case you are wondering who is caring for my kidlets, they are building forts, screaming at each other, digging for dino bones, sneaking in the snack cupboard, gettting into my makeup, and begging me to put their feather extensions in their hair! So they are fine and my mind may or may not explode.
(and this is where a pic of my kids will be)

and I am now blonde LOL, you can put the hairdresser in nursing scrubs but you cant take the hairdresser away for good!
(and here you shall see my new tresses!!)