Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I have not blogged as much lately my computer is kaputz so I can only blog on my trusty I phone which is slightly a pain in the rear.

Career Update: going well working out the kinks in our brand new ER, Psych ER and Psych Intensive Care. I would add a link to it but my phone won't let me ;( google Nanaimo Regional General Hospital new ER. Night shifts are kicking my butt I survive via caffeine and .... Caffeine . Love my job though and the fact that the most creative I get with my outfit is what shoes to wear other than that its green scrubs.

Kids Update: they are alive and working on issues, issues created by a monster. When I have more energy i will become a politician and lawyer and change the justice system as of now the perps go free and that does not cut it for me!

Cat Update: we love our fur balls they are part of of little family!

Single Update: don't worry I'm still single lol in relationship terms that is however in terms of being a single mum it's more like "I'm not doing it all on my own " single mother. Mum and dad, Jeff, Kimme n Chris, aunties uncles, Harry n Trish, therapists, teachers, my friends.... The list keeps going . I could not have a career update without the support and love which means no roof over our heads etc. I am beyond grateful.

Overall we are trying to be normal ! Our normal that is.... Off to dinner at a friends tomorrow Hotel Transylvania on Saturday and perhaps popcorn on Sunday !
Thanks for stopping by!