Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Friday, November 28, 2014


It has it's trials, it's triumphs and those days you're convinced not only the stars are stacked against you but so is the dishwasher... 

Ty's been followed for years by specialists about his height and it's been a struggle; he's been bullied, he's cried, I feel frustrated I can't make it better. 
Seeing the paediatric endocrinologist from children's hospital yesterday answered questions  and left more unanswered. 

Ty looked at her and said "please make me normal" ... As a mum it broke my heart.

The meds cost 20,000 a year and I'm so grateful I'm a nurse with benefits and a Canadian. What my plan won't cover the drug company will on a compassionate basis. 

He will need daily injections of hormones which I will administer till he's 19 and were awaiting lab and  genetic testing to see if he also has celiac disease, or any other thyroid or pituitary abnormalities. 

Rylie has two learning disabilities and anxiety and last year she went from not knowing her alphabet at 8 years of age and today she now knows her alphabet and 75 sight words!!! Her amazing progress gives me hope for Ty's journey. 
Nothing in life comes without struggle except eating chocolate that is easy and lovely :) 

Oliver and Olivia are growing tons! Olivia much quicker :) Oliver's awaiting his turn to loose teeth, Olivia's sketching all the time. They're a bundle if fun, double the trouble and double the joy. They're both happy to be out of kindergarten and into the big grade 1 :) 

Our family is awaiting the arrival of our sweet Hazel Butterscotch Noël on December 19th!! 

Loosing our dog Louis a year ago has been hard and not one day has gone by that Olivia hasn't shed a tear or needed a hug and asked to look at pics of him. 

Our lives are rich and full of laundry, endless never ending rarely folded who cares about sorting laundry...