Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Sunday, December 26, 2010

You were MINT to be our daddy...

We the Reisingers wish we could have baked all of you we love some caramel hot chocolate cupcakes but we simply didn't have the time or energy:)

Definition: Chelsea was too pooped!

So for those of you who didn't receive any, please do not worry we love and appreciate all that you do for us and wish you a Merry Christmas.

My photography skills are short of crappy and my dear friend Melissa gave me the recipe.
When Ty was 4 and Rylie was 3 I met Todd.... 4 months later it was Christmas and Santa came on Christmas Eve to read stories and spread cheer

My how they've grown...

Flash forward 2 years


A few more Nativity scenes for my collection

One pineapple, one pomegranate, three pears, apples for the reindeer and one eaten gingerbread house

We make gingerbread houses each year and before I could capture it's beauty it was devoured!

By none other than 4 little gremlins and their candy eating ring leader...

Todd!! ( and yes I am really short as you can see here)

4380 (at least, depending on blowouts and flu season) diapers changed in two years, endless amounts of hugs and kisses, pick up and drop offs from school, breakfasts, lunches, dinner, bedtime and bath routines,time out and tantrums, choosing school shoes, brushing hair and teeth, comforting and loving are just a few of the things our daddy does for us! To show him how much we love what he does we gave him some mint chocolate and wrote;

You were MINT to be our DADDY .... love Ty, Rylie, Noni, and Livie

(and then he shared them with us!)

I love you Todd, as we are approaching 2 years I am even more grateful for your sacrifices and loves that you show us daily. We would all be lost without you...

I wish there was an eloquent way to blog and journal all the woes and triumphs however sometimes just surviving is all I have left in me at the end of each day. I am thankful for people who remind me to hang on and hang in, I am thankful for hugs and comfort when I need it. I am thankful for my beliefs that help me hang on and hang in, regardless of if I make it to church on Sunday. I love my children and husband and I am thankful for all of the support we receive from family and friends far and wide, Pennsylvania and Nanaimo to name a few locations our peeps are:)
Merry Christmas and as Dora would say Felice Navidad

Monday, December 13, 2010



C- Chelsea is really burnt out and wishes she had more time for blogging!

H- Healthy are my children, we've had some ups and downs, a couple catheters for Oliver but hes much better now.

R- Rylie is my star I love her so very much, especially the mysterious stain that was not there on her armpit when I sent her into her school pictures.

I- I love my husband even though he watches football all day long on Sunday!

S- Sundays used to be the day I went to church and now they are the day I write essays and catch up with my kids, I am looking forward to going to church again.

T- Ty is my munchkin, my straight A spelling bee, and the son who challenges everything I say! I love him.

M- Multiples are what they call my youngest two! They pee and poop twice as much as well as laugh, giggle, love and hug! I love that Oliver wants a stinky garbage truck for Christmas and Olivia wants a TV!

A- All together we make for a busy bunch of people, who love each other dearly and are grateful for this time of year where our schedules kind of slow down.

S- Santa will be here soon and I do hope he hears my plea for sanity wrapped in a bow of calm.