Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



L- Lots of time has been spent on homework, between Rylie and myself the mutual feeling is ''ugghh'' we need a vacation! On the plus side she is gaining self confidence and I will graduate from my program on APRIL 20th!!!!!!!!!!!

L- Lucifee cannot stop himself from getting in cat fights, and now that he knows I am capable of draining wounds and scrubbing scabs he will most likely not stop.

O- Open road and lack of directions on my part have equated into multiple un planned day trips up island!

O-Overdue! my house was overdue for some TLC, no longer being controlled with every aspect of my life I can choose to decorate and enjoy what I choose to enjoy!

V- Vicious is the diagnosis of diverticulitis however I am eating and feeling better now that there is no more gluten or corn in my diet.

Excitement for Power Rangers is an under exaggeration! Noni is obsessed and that is that!

E-Entertainment with cousins is the bomb!

E-Everything Hello Kitty is on Livie's mind!

LOVE DAY! 2012 My little nuggets were scheduled for a C section on Feb 14. 2009 (two weeks before actual due date) and they choose to come on Feb. 9 2009! and somehow they turned into this......


I love that I am learning to love myself again, I love my kids and all the joy that they bring, I love that I am nearly finished nursing school and I love that my future is in my control. I would be not 100% truthful if I didn't say that I am also terrified to raise four kids on my own, to assume the responsibility of a full fledged nurse, to get to know myself and walk into the unknown. With that said I am blessed with great family friends and co workers and four kids that keep me grounded.