Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Friday, April 30, 2010

mucho grac-ias

every time i drive to my mums i see these two lawns, one pristine and one well not so pristine. i have been trying to remember to bring my camera to capture the ravenous difference between the two lawns. however i have failed to do such a thing. instead i encourage you to close your eyes and imagine... first read then close...

do you turn yellow when peed upon? or do you sparkle?

do you blow in the wind? or do you stand completely still?

do you need the sun and soil? or perhaps just a good installation?

do you need constant TLC? or do you enjoy lack of touch?

do you relish in your eclectic lengths and colours? or do you enjoy your perfect self?

do you have constant visitors ranging from worms to saints? or do you request only those with similar looks?

are you grass or aster turf?

i am grass, i am peed on, pooped on, stepped on and watered. i am nourished by the sun and taken care of those who love and appreciate me enough to help me grow. despite my yellowing, uneven characteristics and crab grass.

as much as i believe it is worthy to be "heading in the right direction" i believe it is worthy to be happy with your imperfect self and to not project a perfect self. because well that is just not possible yet.

lately i have been bothered, most likely by too much, none the less i have been bothered. mostly by do gooders who do good to look good, to me this is frivilous and bothersome. i just dont see the point in trying to belittle others by inflating oneself.

it is ok to have laundry stacked a mile high, it is ok to make beans on toast and quesidillas regularly, it is also ok to have children who do not listen and who embaress you.

it is ok to turn yellow when peed upon and to not take too kindly when pooped on.

when speaking with todd about how the one neighbour was just completely made to look awfull because of their neighbours perfect lawn, he informed me that the perfect one was aster turf!

so the next time you feel outshined by the mom who never looses her cool or the fellow employee who is continually wearing a gold star or the neighbour who only has a alphabetized organising system in their garage; just remember that under that crisp hunter green lawn is soil, rocks and all the other things that make them like you and me.

**** the title of my post is in memory of a silly card from my grandma, on the front was a cartoon bum covered in grass and on the inside it read mucho grassy-a** *********

Thursday, April 8, 2010


As I chase my thoughts, you can listen.

Monday, April 5, 2010


A. Franklin planner pages are essential to growing up

B. The "draper raper" is not real but he will tap on window wells.

C. Meeting Heather halfway with pickles and peanut butter is a good thing.

D. Eating Audrey's sugar cookies tastes awesome.

E. Candy grams are normal.

F. The MICKEY MOUSE CLUB is the code word for true love.

G. To toilet paper is to enjoy one self.

H. Tooele is the place to meet boys; James, Dewie and Steve in particular.

I. Chelsea can't dance nor does she get asked to dance.

J. Roses and pizza on Valentines Day is oh so sweet.

K. The PIE is the cool place to eat that sweet pizza.

L. Ditching History and attending Theatre is possible.

M. Notes in lockers are sweet.

N. Cleaning Heather's bathroom so she would pick up Jeff Arrowsmith for me was kind.

O. Listening to Spice Girls for the first time is spectacular.

P. Choir practise on Sunday at the Chamberlains is an excuse to sit close to boys. Boys who buy you pizza and flowers.

Q. Straightening your hair is a group effort of others with unruley hair; Jessica and kimme.

R. Taking dates to a airport restaurant is hip.

S. Being a member of Future Homemakers of America is as dorky as it sounds, but a blast!

T. Walking in Park City with no shoes is so much more fun when done in the company of Tony.

U. Mr. Claybaugh was overly flirtatious.

V. The Creative Foods teacher had a creative way of dressing.

W. Cheese buns are yummy.

X. Playing perdidle, perdunkle while driving up State Street is the thing to do.

Y. Remembering 4 years of good times... priceless

Z. Zuka Juice is scrumptious!


Now for the juicy stuff... I have seemed to disappear from the blogging world, writing that is. I am still reading all your's daily! Life has been well life. I dont think I am abnormal with my challenges and trials, it just seems that sometimes too much is dumped down my gutters. I have a way of writing my spills so that people interpret them as sunshine.

I do not know where that ability has gone, for the past 6 weeks I have had numerous blog posts in my mind that have never maid it to the world wide web. For fear they would come across as negative, pessimistic and ungreatful! Now the reason they would seem that way is because... they were!

Here is a brief rundown of the Reisinger Clan...

I was one of 8 chosen out of 350 people to start the Psychiatric Nursing Program in June!!!!
I have to complete 36 weeks of Biology in 8 weeks... 2 more weeks to go
Ty has more tests with the specialists coming up.
Rylie is a genuine diva.
Oliver speaks as if he is a native of Portugal.
Todd cannot drive for 6 months because of seizures.
Olivia smiles more.
I am still working full time.
I am blonde not brown!
jTodd still has NO status in Canada.
We have large bills from the Hospital ER visit.

I am also lacking in patience and optimism. Lacking is an understatement! I am trying, not hard, but trying to work on this, I seem to have pessimistic goggles on and let me tell you they affect all.