Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ginger roots and matcha

We had a great adventure packed two days in Vancouver! Throw in a night of luxury and we were thrilled. It felt great to get away and leave the rock we call home, with that said we were so happy to set sail and come home.
I had a huge pilgrimage on my hands with four kids in a big city. I realized I'm terrified of driving over bridges even though getting lost had us driving over lots. My kids went mad with me driving I'm circles past Helmcken Street! Ty said " mum if you drive past Helmcken one more time I'm pulling the car over and driving!"

It reminded me of Paris and my dad driving in a roundabout for 45 minutes cursing in Afrikaans ! I cursed up a storm and am grateful I live on an island :)

When we pulled up to the Sheraton and the valet took out car Oliver asked him not to steal it. Rylie walked into our suite and nearly peed her pants! Which was nothing compared to the look on their faces when the room service came in on wheels with a nice man dressed to the hills. We ate spaghetti n meatballs like kings looking out out window at the city that never sleeps from 14 stories high.
We had a visit from a dear friend and the kids were tucked into duvet heaven.

Science world was experienced as was the Asian market which I was so happy about, showing the kids the treats I used to save my pocket money to buy in Hong Kong. Then the pictures came ... Over a handful of sweet Asian tourists came up to take their pictures and rub their blonde hair , it was hilarious once they knew their pictures were being taken they all posed!

A cop rolled his window down as we walked across the crosswalk and yelled " they all yours? Good on ya!" We drew a lot of attention and the kids loved it.

Granville island was a blast as was walking in Kitsilano and walking Robson next time China town here we come!!

Rylie is my emotionally insightful child she wanted to know why people pushed shopping carts and slept in doorways, she wanted to know about China's one child policy about why the city with " so much money has people sleeping on the cold ground".

Ty felt like the older wiser one walking around with his hands in his pockets spelling out signs for Oliver. Olivia and Rylie decided they are saving up and moving to Vancouver so they can get a puppy and walk the streets! Ty and Oliver decided to keep living with me through university.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

As I type aka on my I phone

Cause my laptop bit the dust hours after I submitted my last nursing school paper which is well over 1.5 years ago:)

I'm eating copious amounts of banana peppers on my gluten free pizza. Watching pvr tv shows while the boys are upstairs and the girls are with their grandma. I cleaned and cooked and organized the hutch for Easter :) my puppy is snuggled up with me and I'm content. Eat pray love made me want to jet set to Rome and Bali to find myself instead ill relax and check out my scar in my foot that seems to be getting bigger lol

Our Alberta road trip took a stand still due to financial and children appointments. So instead were going to hit Vancouver for some art museum and science world visits and of course a hotel with a pool!

Since not working nights I have stepped back into the human realm I feel great! I'm blessed my career gives and has so many options to do my job! I love the crisis team and that's where I am right now. Don't get me wrong the stuff we encounter is stuff u just don't think actually happens to people and sometimes it's hard to leave it at the office.

Ill be buying a wood pyramid to fill with plants and love :) ill be kissing my kids and fighting with them at bedtime and that's where I am right now.

Ill also be buying button shoes and bamboo bracelets cause they are just too awesome to pass up. I love my kids I love my job and I'm happy ... Most of the time I try to figure out things and answer the "why" . I know deep down the answers won't come and what happened happened and the reality of accepting and taking steps forward is hard. It's hard because I see so much wrong with our system of justice and it saddens me...

One day ill take on the government and the justice system..

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oblivious energizer bunny and such

Often times just keep going well most times it's the way to go. I've found that if I'm oblivious to the difficulties that come with four young kids on my I get through it with a smile. When I focus on the how what when where why who I become overwhelmed and pity sets in. I was asked yesterday at work how I did it with four kids under the age of 3 on my own and there's lots of reasons; people dropping off paper plates, myself preparing months of frozen dinners while ready to pop! Amazing friends, family, and an oblivious attitude that to some it was not doable! I think telling someone there choices are awful and not achievable is detrimental and painful. Not something I ever want to say or do. I'm happy I ignored 99% of people and their options and direction " they felt I should take" I'm happy that I went to nursing school when once again the insults came in, if its insulting to educate yourself to provide a better life for your children then he'll yes I'm insulting.

I would not have had the courage to call my birth dad who is a now permanent fixture and I'm over the moon.

I wouldn't have watched my coworker get locked in a cop car lol cause there's no handles!!! Lol awesome day

I would be able to take my kids on day trip to explore and meet birds

Rylie would not have seen Justin Bieber In Vancouver

Birthday trips to Coombs and writing our names in the sand with our new puppy would not be possible on the less than human wage I made as a hairdresser. And of course the lovely covering her face :) wouldn't have met her had I not gone to school.

There's also the pride and accomplishment for me and really grasping the importance of education. No matter your marital status it if you have kids...