Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Sunday, December 26, 2010

You were MINT to be our daddy...

We the Reisingers wish we could have baked all of you we love some caramel hot chocolate cupcakes but we simply didn't have the time or energy:)

Definition: Chelsea was too pooped!

So for those of you who didn't receive any, please do not worry we love and appreciate all that you do for us and wish you a Merry Christmas.

My photography skills are short of crappy and my dear friend Melissa gave me the recipe.
When Ty was 4 and Rylie was 3 I met Todd.... 4 months later it was Christmas and Santa came on Christmas Eve to read stories and spread cheer

My how they've grown...

Flash forward 2 years


A few more Nativity scenes for my collection

One pineapple, one pomegranate, three pears, apples for the reindeer and one eaten gingerbread house

We make gingerbread houses each year and before I could capture it's beauty it was devoured!

By none other than 4 little gremlins and their candy eating ring leader...

Todd!! ( and yes I am really short as you can see here)

4380 (at least, depending on blowouts and flu season) diapers changed in two years, endless amounts of hugs and kisses, pick up and drop offs from school, breakfasts, lunches, dinner, bedtime and bath routines,time out and tantrums, choosing school shoes, brushing hair and teeth, comforting and loving are just a few of the things our daddy does for us! To show him how much we love what he does we gave him some mint chocolate and wrote;

You were MINT to be our DADDY .... love Ty, Rylie, Noni, and Livie

(and then he shared them with us!)

I love you Todd, as we are approaching 2 years I am even more grateful for your sacrifices and loves that you show us daily. We would all be lost without you...

I wish there was an eloquent way to blog and journal all the woes and triumphs however sometimes just surviving is all I have left in me at the end of each day. I am thankful for people who remind me to hang on and hang in, I am thankful for hugs and comfort when I need it. I am thankful for my beliefs that help me hang on and hang in, regardless of if I make it to church on Sunday. I love my children and husband and I am thankful for all of the support we receive from family and friends far and wide, Pennsylvania and Nanaimo to name a few locations our peeps are:)
Merry Christmas and as Dora would say Felice Navidad

Monday, December 13, 2010



C- Chelsea is really burnt out and wishes she had more time for blogging!

H- Healthy are my children, we've had some ups and downs, a couple catheters for Oliver but hes much better now.

R- Rylie is my star I love her so very much, especially the mysterious stain that was not there on her armpit when I sent her into her school pictures.

I- I love my husband even though he watches football all day long on Sunday!

S- Sundays used to be the day I went to church and now they are the day I write essays and catch up with my kids, I am looking forward to going to church again.

T- Ty is my munchkin, my straight A spelling bee, and the son who challenges everything I say! I love him.

M- Multiples are what they call my youngest two! They pee and poop twice as much as well as laugh, giggle, love and hug! I love that Oliver wants a stinky garbage truck for Christmas and Olivia wants a TV!

A- All together we make for a busy bunch of people, who love each other dearly and are grateful for this time of year where our schedules kind of slow down.

S- Santa will be here soon and I do hope he hears my plea for sanity wrapped in a bow of calm.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First time being tagged!

Four shows I watch:

1. The Good Wife
2. Real Housewives of Orange County
3. Real Housewives of New York
4. Real Housewives of New Jersey

Four things I am passionate about:

1. My children
2. My husband
3. Psychiatric Nursing
4. My brain

Four phrases I say a lot:

1. Youre driving me crazy!
2. I'm gunna loose it!
3. One.... two..... three....
4. Hi my name is Chelsea I will be your student nurse today

Four things I have learned from the past:

1. Judging brings you down
2. Strength comes from places you never imagined
3. Life is too short to worry( i still worry though:))
4. Online dating can be a great thing

Four places I would like to go:

1. Pennsylvania
2. Africa
3. Istanbul
4. On a date with my husband

Four things I did yesterday:

1. Went to an amazing seminar by Dr. Earl Henslin regarding the BRAIN and all its wonders!
2. Did a 360 on the freeway! (very scary)
3. Hugged and kissed my kids.
4. Decided I am going to take the supplement pharmagabba for the rest of my life!

Four things I am looking forward too:

1. Waxing my hairy upper lip:) I am worried icicles may form!
2. Shopping for Christmas presents for my kids.
3. Graduating from school
4. Todd being able to work so I can quit my job

Four things I love about winter:

1. Hot apple cider
2. Christmas
3. Snow on trees
4. Movie/ popcorn days with the kids

Four things on my wish list:

1. Healthy happy children
2. A pandora bracelet
3. A calm Basal Ganglia and Temporal Lobes:) ( Dr. Henslin has opened up my mind and helped me realize I need to give my Basal Ganglia a break and a little extra TLC)
4. A happy productive marriage

Four people I tag:

1. Kirsti
2. Kimme
3. Jessica G.
4. Allison B. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Square ROOT of my happiness part II

The ROOT of my happiness
Ty Rylie Oli and Ole
have been quite busy this past year
(the pictures are out of order... not surprising my brain is hanging on by a receptor)
Ty turned 6 and requested a ' Blue Whales being sucked into the East Australian Current cake'

He got a scooter and zoomed all day long!

He of course loved my pathetic cake

His dinner of choice wieners... hold the bun and ketchup and noodles with minimal butter!

He also enjoyed his new Leapster

Rylie.... I love you

Oh dear Livie is a ham and Rylie is her partner in crime dressed to kill in their Easter dresses

Me sleep deprived and looking sleep drunk with noni

Ty sporting his mohawk hat, thanks auntie brooke

Ty winning best Halloween costume! GO Ty and Ty's mum for making him splendid green dragon with fire under his armpits!

Ty with his girlfriend Taylor G who is now one of Rylies friends too!

Rylie turned 5 I love her more now 5 years later then ever imagined!

I also love that my kids thought my cake was the bomb digity even though the green layer broke and the icing looks horrific!

This pic was taken last Feb and I love it cause its the whole gang:)

I love my fam, and am very happy they put up with my ever changing moods and tempers...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Square ROOT of My Happiness Part 1

The square ROOT of my happiness has for sometime been wrapped up in what other people felt or perceived me to be. Silly I know but I have been riding that boat for a long time. I have at this point four 'things' that sum up my happiness and make me smile daily....

R- Rylie
O- Oliver
O- Olivia
T- Ty
I have always known I love my kiddos and they are my source of all things wonderful, but I guess I have been so wrapped up in survival that I haven't stopped to smell their toes as much as I should have. I am wondering as I type and tears hit the key board if I am too emotional to write, but what the heck eh? I look at Ty turning 6 this month and cant help but reminisce when I first touched him. Rylie, wow, there is not one sentence to describe this girl or even one word, she is everything I am too chicken to be, brave, genuine, carefree, and she seems to know of strengths which at 4 turning 5 is pretty delish considering I just turned 28 and am trying to find mine. Oliver, how I wish I could bottle you up and share you with people who are sad, just the thought of you makes me smile and want to pinch something. Olivia, if you are not a makeup artist I will be shocked, with the amount of times you have applied mascara to yourself and painted your own toes at the age of two .... and when you let Rylie hug you and you give me that mischievous, I'm too cute for words look... I melt like a Popsicle as katy perry would say.
I love how Rylie sings off beat and tune and doesn't care, I love how Ty and Oliver tell me how to drive, except when I'm driving, only when I'm crying on my bed blogging! I love how Olivia blames poopin on Noni and how she calls Oliver Noni! I love how we all call him Noni. When I am having a particular off day, which has been every day this week, Ty looks at me and says, please no maniac mum today and Rylie says, I'll help with laundry.
Thank you for being my Square ROOT kids, thank you for making this world a happier place, thank you for putting up with my 'maniac' behavior and bad driving skills, thank you for not giving up on me. I love you four and I cant wait to see you grow into stellar big people!
love mum

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Foreshadowing of One's Worth as a Mother

So I have been struggling with being able to 'do it all ' or the elusion that I have to ' do it all '. I preach that I love grass not asterturf, the fact that a couple(dozen) loads of unfolded laundry means I took my kids to the petting zoo, that token cookie cutter play group moms are not my style. Yet I feel like I am constantly under the dirt and not on top. I know I need to take my own advice and just chill, but sometimes like today, that is way easier blogged than accomplished.

Subject Switch

I have had the urge to write about a certain situation for sometime now....

Preview: I have always believed that if you put something out there-the universe- the universe will listen and then deliver. I have recently started to believe that when things are viualised, spoken of and written down they too will become reality.

Here goes.... A long long time ago(4 years) I was accused by my ex husband as being unfit and unable to care for my children I was served papers on my eldest sons 2nd birthday directly after his lightning mcqueen party. He took my children and I fought hard.

In BC when someone makes an accusation against you it is then up to you the accused to prove otherwise. I then spent the next 8 months of my existence proving I was and always had been a good mother. So where does one go when trying to prove their sanity?.... A Psychiatrist you say, well you are right, plus you need to be supervised by professionals who make a decision on you are a mother.

A couple weeks ago I was looking for Rylies birth certificate to register her for Kindergarden and I came across a paper from -none other than- Dr. Molineaux my Psychiatrist. This was his final report ,to the Judge. This is what the last few sentences said, keep in mind it was dated 4 years ago,

"Chelsea is a devoted mother who adores her children. She has shown over the past 8 months that her children are her priority and have always been. I aksed Chelsea where she sees herself in 5-10 years and she responded ' I see myself as a Psychiatric Nurse, and just being happy and enjoying my kids'. Chelsea is a mentally and physically healthy person who was wrongly accused."


So where am I then 5 years from now?

enjoying my kids, trying not to loose my temper, loving my husband, trying to keep things in perspective, still snorting when I laugh, not liking my hips, butt and stomach oh and my arms, in school to beocme a psychiatric nurse, in awe that I have been blessed with such awesome kids.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Sorry the pics are so small I will try and figure it out!!LOL So I had the opportunity to enter a Redken Makeover Challenge and here she is the lovely Courtenay!!


before again!



voila voila!!

mucho voila!

ever so voila!

and VOILA!
If only making over my life was this easy, I wouldnt have a care in the world.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have a little secret that is no longer a secret... I enjoy watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and New York! Not because I long to be like them, rather I am fascinated at their stupidity. Every morning while I wait at Ty's school for the bell to ring I stand amongst the other mothers, fathers and caregivers. I have noticed a recurring theme.... cliques.

You have the mums that exercise together, the working mums, the single mums, the shy mums and the mums whose husbands work together at the hospital and the mums who grow their own baby food and birth at home.

While I get the theory that like attracts like I have yet to understand why women cannot just be women and embrace the fact that yes we are all different. At the end of the day do we not all have the same simple wishes? clean houses, happy children, enough money, our ideal body type, companionship, one less dish and our own sanity?

Why then must we segregate those not in our social status, those with smaller hips, or those who choose to birth at home. We all need friends with similar like and dislikes. However we all need the strength that comes from numbers and the strength that comes from other women and their experiences.

I'm a floater, I have never had 1 group or 1 set of friends. For good or bad I have always been able to chat up and have a conversation with any one. While on a school field trip with Ty's class this past Thursday all the mums pulled a table together instead of grouping off, except for two birth at home mums, they missed out on some serious bonding!

Within 15 minutes Jacob P.'s mum blurted out "' I weigh 190 lbs and I am happy!!!'', Elizabeth's mum followed with ''I am turning 40 and not happy!!!'' I then followed with ''I want plastic surgery!''

We all found out that there was some area of all of us that was being taken over by gravity, we all felt tired and worn out. We shared marriage tips and things to avoid, foods to eat and how all of had at least 2 loads of laundry to do. By the end of the field trip we realized we were useless parents to bring on a field trip because we sat and yapped the whole time completely forgetting to participate.

Ms. Williams came over and said '' relish these times, because we all need the strength of other women, too often we get caught up in our own routine that we forget to look outside our circle''.

So here is a shout out to all the women who are giving it their all. Especially when it never appears that we are giving it our all!


School Update

I have officially started Psychiatric Nursing School!!!!!!! My plan is to graduate with honors in 2 years secure a job with the Federal Prisons and continue on for my Masters and then .... Doctor Chelsea!!!!! yes that is right you can get your Doctorate's in Psychiatric Nursing with a specialty in Forensics. And P.S. if I get on with the Federal Prisons not only will they pay me to work but they will pay for all my further education.

Student ID

Bad pic cause it was taken from my web cam on my laptop while I am laying on a hotel bed about to embark on day 2 of my education journey...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have had oodels of posts at the tip of my brain for weeks now and yet they never seem to make it to print.
I was going to write a post on Robin Hood and how I live in the Sherwood Forrest!( which I do)
I live on Sheriff Way, if you hang a right you will hit Prince John Way followed by King Richard, Maid Marion, and Robin Hood. I had eloquent descriptions of why the names had meaning but they have disappeared.
I was going to write about the troubles of my heart and why I struggle with the balancing act. But I am still struggling and feel troubled and don't quite know how to put in on screen.
I had a post surrounding the awesomeness of my children and how they make it all worthwhile!
I had a post regarding my sheer hate of dogs. I can appreciate that others need the attention and companionship of a dog however I have enough needing going on when I come home and the last thing I need is a four legged animal needing me. Not to mention my dog eats my bras.
I am starting Psychiatric Nursing School on the 11th of June and I am seriously nervous and scared to death, which I was going to eloquently share.
I was going to delve into the delima of my bum shoulder. Which is getting worse and there are some days where I cannot do up my bra. Which wasn't a big deal a week ago because my dog had eaten them all!
I was about to enlighten you all on the joys of boundaries and why we need them. When I realized I had let mine down and let people in who were negative and hurt full.
Lesson learned: never let your boundaries down.
I am definitely a walker, when things are not going well I tend to walk/run as fast as I can. I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing. There are times where running has saved me. Right now though I think running will only hurt me more.
So I will walk and see how it goes.

Friday, April 30, 2010

mucho grac-ias

every time i drive to my mums i see these two lawns, one pristine and one well not so pristine. i have been trying to remember to bring my camera to capture the ravenous difference between the two lawns. however i have failed to do such a thing. instead i encourage you to close your eyes and imagine... first read then close...

do you turn yellow when peed upon? or do you sparkle?

do you blow in the wind? or do you stand completely still?

do you need the sun and soil? or perhaps just a good installation?

do you need constant TLC? or do you enjoy lack of touch?

do you relish in your eclectic lengths and colours? or do you enjoy your perfect self?

do you have constant visitors ranging from worms to saints? or do you request only those with similar looks?

are you grass or aster turf?

i am grass, i am peed on, pooped on, stepped on and watered. i am nourished by the sun and taken care of those who love and appreciate me enough to help me grow. despite my yellowing, uneven characteristics and crab grass.

as much as i believe it is worthy to be "heading in the right direction" i believe it is worthy to be happy with your imperfect self and to not project a perfect self. because well that is just not possible yet.

lately i have been bothered, most likely by too much, none the less i have been bothered. mostly by do gooders who do good to look good, to me this is frivilous and bothersome. i just dont see the point in trying to belittle others by inflating oneself.

it is ok to have laundry stacked a mile high, it is ok to make beans on toast and quesidillas regularly, it is also ok to have children who do not listen and who embaress you.

it is ok to turn yellow when peed upon and to not take too kindly when pooped on.

when speaking with todd about how the one neighbour was just completely made to look awfull because of their neighbours perfect lawn, he informed me that the perfect one was aster turf!

so the next time you feel outshined by the mom who never looses her cool or the fellow employee who is continually wearing a gold star or the neighbour who only has a alphabetized organising system in their garage; just remember that under that crisp hunter green lawn is soil, rocks and all the other things that make them like you and me.

**** the title of my post is in memory of a silly card from my grandma, on the front was a cartoon bum covered in grass and on the inside it read mucho grassy-a** *********

Thursday, April 8, 2010


As I chase my thoughts, you can listen.

Monday, April 5, 2010


A. Franklin planner pages are essential to growing up

B. The "draper raper" is not real but he will tap on window wells.

C. Meeting Heather halfway with pickles and peanut butter is a good thing.

D. Eating Audrey's sugar cookies tastes awesome.

E. Candy grams are normal.

F. The MICKEY MOUSE CLUB is the code word for true love.

G. To toilet paper is to enjoy one self.

H. Tooele is the place to meet boys; James, Dewie and Steve in particular.

I. Chelsea can't dance nor does she get asked to dance.

J. Roses and pizza on Valentines Day is oh so sweet.

K. The PIE is the cool place to eat that sweet pizza.

L. Ditching History and attending Theatre is possible.

M. Notes in lockers are sweet.

N. Cleaning Heather's bathroom so she would pick up Jeff Arrowsmith for me was kind.

O. Listening to Spice Girls for the first time is spectacular.

P. Choir practise on Sunday at the Chamberlains is an excuse to sit close to boys. Boys who buy you pizza and flowers.

Q. Straightening your hair is a group effort of others with unruley hair; Jessica and kimme.

R. Taking dates to a airport restaurant is hip.

S. Being a member of Future Homemakers of America is as dorky as it sounds, but a blast!

T. Walking in Park City with no shoes is so much more fun when done in the company of Tony.

U. Mr. Claybaugh was overly flirtatious.

V. The Creative Foods teacher had a creative way of dressing.

W. Cheese buns are yummy.

X. Playing perdidle, perdunkle while driving up State Street is the thing to do.

Y. Remembering 4 years of good times... priceless

Z. Zuka Juice is scrumptious!


Now for the juicy stuff... I have seemed to disappear from the blogging world, writing that is. I am still reading all your's daily! Life has been well life. I dont think I am abnormal with my challenges and trials, it just seems that sometimes too much is dumped down my gutters. I have a way of writing my spills so that people interpret them as sunshine.

I do not know where that ability has gone, for the past 6 weeks I have had numerous blog posts in my mind that have never maid it to the world wide web. For fear they would come across as negative, pessimistic and ungreatful! Now the reason they would seem that way is because... they were!

Here is a brief rundown of the Reisinger Clan...

I was one of 8 chosen out of 350 people to start the Psychiatric Nursing Program in June!!!!
I have to complete 36 weeks of Biology in 8 weeks... 2 more weeks to go
Ty has more tests with the specialists coming up.
Rylie is a genuine diva.
Oliver speaks as if he is a native of Portugal.
Todd cannot drive for 6 months because of seizures.
Olivia smiles more.
I am still working full time.
I am blonde not brown!
jTodd still has NO status in Canada.
We have large bills from the Hospital ER visit.

I am also lacking in patience and optimism. Lacking is an understatement! I am trying, not hard, but trying to work on this, I seem to have pessimistic goggles on and let me tell you they affect all.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010



8:30 am take ty to school
8:50 am take rylie to work to do the cheques
9:00 am introduce new hire to the rest of staff
9:40 am leave to take rylie to gymnastics ( first time!)
11:05 am leave gymnastics, pick up ty from school
11:35 am drop tya nd rylie off at home, head up to University to write an exam
2:00 pm head home, pee and take a tylenol
3:00 pm take ty to karate
4:15 pm take ty home
5:00 pm head to Salon for a Redken product knowledge class
8:00 pm head home and study for 3 hours



4:00 pm head into work with all 4 kids and do paycheques so Monday 1st of March is less stressfull.

8:30 am head off to work with rylie, todd is going to take ty to school, i will pick up
9:40 am leave with rylie to go to gymnastics
9:55 am phone call from work letting me know i dated their cheques for March 31 2010 intstead of February 28 2010!
10:00 am gymnastics starts, I am on the phone with my owner explaining how idiotic I am and we are trying to fix it.
11:00 am gymnastics is done, todd will pick up ty because I have to go back to work to fix my MAJOR error. drop rylie off at home.
11:15 am back at work only to find out I seriously underpayed everyone as well

RECAP: It's pay day, rent day and no one has a cheque they can cash and it is for way less!

11:30-12:30 pm tried to figure it out, got yelled at and F-bombed by the big honcho! off to write an exam.
1:00 pm take exam and then flunk exam
1:30 pm go back to work to try and figure it out!
5:00 pm figure it out
6:00 pm Redken class
8:00 pm go home eat bologna in a tortilla and cry

Until next time...

Friday, February 12, 2010


Where I have been and all the palooza's I call life...
(not included are the melt downs, temper tantrums, poopy explosive diapers, crying, yelling and of course me "snapping" and not "dealing with it" moments)

The Joni Mitchell Ballet performed by the Alberta Ballet. Pam, Tanya and myself enjoyed a night at the Ballet. Lesson learned; War is Bad, Ballet is Beautiful.

Tanya and I

Pam and I

Tanya and Pam

Now did you pay close attention to the darkness of my hair?
5 days after the Ballet I decided lighter here I come...

LIGHTER, hair not thighs...
Over the next month or so I will just keep getting lighter because well, I feel like it!

The goofer nuts turned deux

Oli is still a cheese!
Livie Lou is still our "miss thang"
Ty, well, hasn't grown and inch or gained a pound in over a year and a half! He is teeny tiny with a mighty brain and heart! However the Dr. is worried there is something wrong with his bones and that it is preventing him from growing. So we are in the middle of specialists etc. I will keep you posted. Ty is so conscious of his height difference, he broke down today at school crying that he just didn't understand why he couldn't reach the light switch and every one else could. My heart breaks for him, this is really going to be challenge for him.

p.s. this is an animal that poops way too much!- referring to the dog-

This however is a lovely cat napping in the mug cupboard!

Daisy... a dog that is now a member of our family. Now I am trying very hard to like her and become more "dog friendly" but it is very challenging. I just love cats too much!

But I am trying... I still love cats more!

Parties, Rylie seems to think these are a daily occurrence, filled with balloons, sugar cookies and friends. So on one of my rare days off I decided to go along with her enthusiasm for all things "party" we made sugar cookies, and hot dogs and fries and invited the neighbours over for some fun! I of course only managed to take a pic of the boys, there were also 3 little girls not including the twins! It was a full house.

The Boys at the Party
Alex, Jonah and Ty

A lot has been going on, not that much that I have a ligate excuse for not blogging, but a lot. I have decided that I am going back to school! When I started out at College I had every intention of becoming a filthy stinking rich Psychiatrist who also owned a super lavish pent house in New York. That dream quickly turned into marrying an idiot, being left by the idiot, returning to Canada, learning the art of Hairdressing and Esthetics's, marrying an idiot, having 4 amazing kids, divorcing the idiot and then surviving. I have now moved on to a chapter where I can be happy and fulfill my dreams that have been put on the back burner. I am blessed to have a wonderful hubby who enjoys staying home with our rug rats and is very understanding of my need to go back to school. If all goes according to plan and I am chosen for 1 of the 8 seats I will be a RPN- Registered Psychiatric Nurse in just over 2 years!
As a final note I would like to point out that there is hope for Rylie! She is so right brained it is not even funny. She asked me to "trade the dog in and get a flying pink unicorn" which she requested be delivered before Valentines Day because she was panning on "offering rides for her friends"! However she eats her pancakes a little on the logical side!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Palooza- an exaggerated event.
I feel I having been living one giant PALOOZA of an existence. A post describing this palooza life I call mine, will happen tonight.
Just a little foreshadowing for your enjoyment...
Psychiatric Nursing...
Blonde Hair...
Root Canals...
Lack of Growth Spurts...
Teenager Living in a 4Year Old...
Poop, poop and more poop...
2yr olds...
ta ta for now

Friday, January 1, 2010

You Drive Me Nuts


Ok so it's not before dawn but it is kind of close... While Todd was cleaning out my parents lap top we found the below clip of Ty from a couple years back. (I cannot download it yet but as soon as I can I will- In the clip Ty is saying "you drive me nuts" over and over)

On our 1st date alone

How adorably cute if I do say so myself! Not to mention the ironic-ness of the catch phrase ' you drive me nuts!' To put it bluntly I have been going nuts and that is part of the reason I have not been my usual 'happy blogger' embarking in other's journeys and frolicking on etsy for hours. I have lost control of the control part of my life and found my self too tired and or too grumpy to do anything about it.
Between 6 days a week at my paid job and full time as a mum and wife I have not been able to manage it. I feel when I succeed in one area I am failing miserably in another. I can't seem to get caught up on anything, I like food way too much, I swear A LOT, I don't read my scriptures as often as I should. The one thing I seem very consistent at is prayer!! LOL I seem to be doing that about every 10 seconds, I just need to pick up my lazy butt and do something about my attitude.
For those that know me, you know I can... well... exaggerate and this whole rotten attitude I have has become a monstrosity and that is no exaggeration.
Despite the coincidence of my attitude adjustment falling on New Years Day, I don't want this to be a token resolution, I actually cant stand to be around myself I am afraid I might bite my own head off!
I can assure you I will slip up and be grumpy, eat a little too much chocolate and occasionally swear, but no more of this poor me, too tired bologna. At least I have a roof over my head a job to go to 6 days a week and a family that loves me unconditionally.

Here are some photographic reasons I should not be grumpy...

Olivia at 8 mths!

Dec.08 Todd drove through over 10 blizzards and 60 hours straight to be with me and our kids for Christmas
I make a mean "twin birthday carnival cake"!

I would include more photos however our laptop hit the dust and it contained them all! But on the bright side they were of my bad side so not much lost!

Heres to a UNGRUMPY New Year!