Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Thursday, July 30, 2009

To Smile and Pause

Lately as I drive to work I have been making a mental note of all things that make me smile. I also intended to snap a memory of such things, however I have not been too successful with the later part.
For the past 5 years I drive up Departure Bay Rd. at least 5 times a week. At least 2 of those 5 times I see a couple in their 70's holding hands and carrying their grocery bags.
This makes me smile
Finding 2 chocolate chip cookies in the glove box, that My Lovely hid there! (which I then ate)
This makes me smile
Seeing the Pacific Biological Station where Ty and I shared an afternoon of Biological Bliss
This makes me smile
Driving past the Mazda dealership where I bought my 1st vehicle all by myself with Ty and
Rylie in the double stroller and Livie and Oli in my tummy
This makes me smile
Driving past the BC Ferries, remembering that is how Todd first arrived on the Island to meet me
This makes me smile
The black and white bunny that live on the 10x10 patch of grass at the Mitsubishi dealership
This makes me smile
Remembering how just yesterday my sons wisdom is endless.
While I lay afloat in the lake Ty said "mum you need to get out more, you are as white as a snowflake."
This makes me smile
I have been trying to think of happiness as opposed to unhappy grumpiness. I must be doing better in the grumpy department because I have been acting more nasty than lovely. Maybe it's just me in my imperfect form but I find it hard to get out of the rut I seem to have dug for myself. So in order for me to jump start myself I am declaring the rest of this week
"Find Happiness, Smile, Pause, then Succeed Partial Week"
Not only am I going to seek out all things that make me happy I am actually going to create more happiness. In hope that I will have absolutely no reason to be a grumpy lumpy.
On a side note I would like to say that I am going to find 5 things surrounding bed time that are positive. I loose my cool way too quickly at bedtime.
I now sit here typing, feeling guilty for the way I acted as I put my kids to sleep. Sure, Miss Rylie was an upscale version of horrible but I was the last face she saw before she lay her screaming head to sleep and I want that thought to be a sweet one. I know I wont succeed every night at this however I want to try to be a more calm and patient mum.
Happy thoughts = Happy mum = Happy kids = Greatful husband

This photo makes me smile

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My Lovlies

Ty-conentrating Rylie-multi tasking Olivia- done Oliver-looking for more cookies

I love you Rylie

Love ya Ty

Love you livie lou and Oli

She was trying so hard!

love love love it!

Look closely... theres a frog!

June 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who You Talkin To?

Chelsea- who am I talking to you ask?, well as a matter of fact it is the same person who is asking the ridiculous question... Me! This mysterious behaviour was brought to my attention while driving with the kids.

Ty- mum who are you talkin to?
Me- no one I am singing
Ty- no, you are definitely talking!
Me- good point

So I got to thinking, and I do talk to myself and quite frequently, we- meaning me, myself and I- discuss the mysteries of children and why they never seem to listen and why I still have 40 too many pounds on my bones, why everyone wants to be blond this time of year, why armpit hair never grows in the same direction, why the women's shelter needs to build an addition, why I had ants tattooed on my leg, why I was blessed with such a wonderful husband, why a 12 year old is in the back of a police car, why money doesn't grow on trees or in the ground, why some women have a baby and look like they never even went through puberty, why it feel like no matter how much I do I always feel behind?

Todd- well he has been talking to the pipes and more specifically drywall! The kitchen in our place is being redone by... Todd. I call throughout the day because I miss him and I am sure my mum calls to check on him, but for the most part of this past week he has been chit chatting with all things kitchen remodeling.

Rylie- I am convinced she is a fairy in disguise, you know how Tinkerbell can go from sweet and light filled to a raging ball of fire? Well that is Rylie Dawn Alwyn! Alwyn means, friend of the elves and it suits her to a tee!! A couple weeks ago while I was putting her to bed she said " mum, I can't see the fairies tonight, where are they?"

Oliver- He talks on any and every phone he can get his hands on! He loves phones and has a rather Donald Duck voice. We finally have a few more solutions for his horrid Eczema, so hopefully in the next two weeks his raw flesh will not be so raw anymore.

Ty- Ty loves to talk, he inherited it quite naturally from none other than myself! However lately he has taken quite a liking to singing! The Primary president told me how stupendously amazing he did and how he knows all the words! When I asked him why he likes singing so much he said " I love to sing because it helps me learn more".

Olivia- Cassius, Cassius, Cassius. Olivia loves her cousin Cassius and loves to say his name, she has yet to master mum, mommy or mom. At this point in my motherly career I would take any mmm sounding word, but no for now she will stick to Cassius!

* Due to the sheer and utter chaos at my home I have zilch, nadda, no clue where my camera is, so when I locate it I will take pictures of my arms which have been nominated to be the new National Flag for Zambia! I will also record Ty singing 18 Wheeler and Olivia saying Cassius.**

** If you currently only talk to other people I highly recommend you talk to yourself as you control the whole conversation which of course is the main reason I do it!***