Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Friday, February 12, 2010


Where I have been and all the palooza's I call life...
(not included are the melt downs, temper tantrums, poopy explosive diapers, crying, yelling and of course me "snapping" and not "dealing with it" moments)

The Joni Mitchell Ballet performed by the Alberta Ballet. Pam, Tanya and myself enjoyed a night at the Ballet. Lesson learned; War is Bad, Ballet is Beautiful.

Tanya and I

Pam and I

Tanya and Pam

Now did you pay close attention to the darkness of my hair?
5 days after the Ballet I decided lighter here I come...

LIGHTER, hair not thighs...
Over the next month or so I will just keep getting lighter because well, I feel like it!

The goofer nuts turned deux

Oli is still a cheese!
Livie Lou is still our "miss thang"
Ty, well, hasn't grown and inch or gained a pound in over a year and a half! He is teeny tiny with a mighty brain and heart! However the Dr. is worried there is something wrong with his bones and that it is preventing him from growing. So we are in the middle of specialists etc. I will keep you posted. Ty is so conscious of his height difference, he broke down today at school crying that he just didn't understand why he couldn't reach the light switch and every one else could. My heart breaks for him, this is really going to be challenge for him.

p.s. this is an animal that poops way too much!- referring to the dog-

This however is a lovely cat napping in the mug cupboard!

Daisy... a dog that is now a member of our family. Now I am trying very hard to like her and become more "dog friendly" but it is very challenging. I just love cats too much!

But I am trying... I still love cats more!

Parties, Rylie seems to think these are a daily occurrence, filled with balloons, sugar cookies and friends. So on one of my rare days off I decided to go along with her enthusiasm for all things "party" we made sugar cookies, and hot dogs and fries and invited the neighbours over for some fun! I of course only managed to take a pic of the boys, there were also 3 little girls not including the twins! It was a full house.

The Boys at the Party
Alex, Jonah and Ty

A lot has been going on, not that much that I have a ligate excuse for not blogging, but a lot. I have decided that I am going back to school! When I started out at College I had every intention of becoming a filthy stinking rich Psychiatrist who also owned a super lavish pent house in New York. That dream quickly turned into marrying an idiot, being left by the idiot, returning to Canada, learning the art of Hairdressing and Esthetics's, marrying an idiot, having 4 amazing kids, divorcing the idiot and then surviving. I have now moved on to a chapter where I can be happy and fulfill my dreams that have been put on the back burner. I am blessed to have a wonderful hubby who enjoys staying home with our rug rats and is very understanding of my need to go back to school. If all goes according to plan and I am chosen for 1 of the 8 seats I will be a RPN- Registered Psychiatric Nurse in just over 2 years!
As a final note I would like to point out that there is hope for Rylie! She is so right brained it is not even funny. She asked me to "trade the dog in and get a flying pink unicorn" which she requested be delivered before Valentines Day because she was panning on "offering rides for her friends"! However she eats her pancakes a little on the logical side!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Palooza- an exaggerated event.
I feel I having been living one giant PALOOZA of an existence. A post describing this palooza life I call mine, will happen tonight.
Just a little foreshadowing for your enjoyment...
Psychiatric Nursing...
Blonde Hair...
Root Canals...
Lack of Growth Spurts...
Teenager Living in a 4Year Old...
Poop, poop and more poop...
2yr olds...
ta ta for now