Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Thursday, May 29, 2008


As I watched the garbage truck haul away my weeks worth of waste I had a lightbulb moment! It took me two years for this moment to occur but when it did it was worth the wait...

If the city of Nanaimo was willing to come to my house weekly and kindly take my trash away then it is only natural for me to include ALL my trash in the bags! There is one large item I have been despretley trying to get rid of I have tried everything, I took "it" to the dump but the disposal fee was way too high, next I tried the hazerdous material site and they took one look and said NO WAY! I tried the recycling exchange, they laughed and as I walked away mumbled under their breath " as if any one else will ever find use for that!". So at last I am leaving "it" in the trusty hands of the city employees, now all I have to do is convince "it" to hop into a green garbage bag, tie the top and wait patiently on my curb at 11:15 am monday morning!!!!! For those of you unfamiliar with the native Canadian dialect "it" is pronounced

Monday, May 26, 2008

Home is Where...

Home is where I can rearrange the living room whenever I want and not get yelled at

Home is where Diet Dr.Pepepr and bobby pins are a staple to survival

Home is where Ty and Rylie like to make their beds

Home is where I don't have to share my closet with anyone

Home is where we have complete melt downs over absolutely nothing! I actually hold the record number of melt downs in one day but since I am in control of the camera it has not been caught on film!

Home is where there is usually someone crying, smiling and farting all at the same time

Home is filled with lots of LOVE

Home is where Nemo lives- I have grown quite attached to this little guy considering he goes weeks at a time without being fed and his tank has been cleaned 3 times in 1 year! He was a present to Ty for pooping in the toilet, I also would like to add that he has never yelled at me and to date has only cost $2.96 to feed and we still have over half the bottle of food left. GO NEMO

Home is where I have come to accept that I will always have at least one laundry hamper of dirty clothes and I am totally ok with it

Home is where I use the Mr.Clean mop daily and think it sucks, but continue to use it like a dumb consumer waiting for the same results as the commercial mammas have!

Home is where Rylie and I are given hourly discourses on the world of sea creatures

Home is where I try to say family prayer but Ty and Rylie at the same time HAVE to say theirs! Ryile says it sounds better when we all say it together

Home is where Olivia wakes up every day with the hugest smile for me

Home is where Oliver thinks Ty is the funniest Short fin Mako shark around

Home is where I keep a secret stash of chocolate covered alomonds to snack on through the night shift- and I am still in awe of the fact that I am not losing weight!

Home is where Walmart keeps it's supply of formula!

Home is where my little Rylie sings with her Book of Mormon at the top of her lungs

Home is where Rylie eats what I cook and Ty eats bread with butter and the occasional piece of cheese. For all the child advocates out there this is his meal of choice.

Home is where the only other photographers on site are 2 and 3 going on 30!

Home is where I lay my head, lift it up, lay it down, lift it up, lay it down, lift it up -you get the picture- all night long

Home is where Ty and Oliver lay their little heads in a sailors lair

Home is where Chelsea Ty Rylie Oliver and Olivia are.

Kids one day when you can read these entries I want you to know how much I love you, I joke about all the work and the frustrations, they are nothing compared to the daily joy you four bring me. I love you and am so excited to be together forever

Monday, May 12, 2008

M is for...

Maggie- Apparently whenever Rylie is up to mischief- which is roughly every 7 minutes- it is not her, it is Maggie! I seriously wish I had known this because I have been giving timeouts to the wrong kid. Rylie informed me today that Maggie had peed in her pants and that Maggie was about to hit Ty! Initally I burst out laughing, Rylie did not see the sense of humor in the matter and very strongly informed me that " mum I am Maggie and I can do what I want and it is not funny!!" When I asked her where Rylie went she said "right here". Although I am slightly confused as to how and when Maggie appears, I think it is totally clever that she is mastering the art of projection! This might not be the best skill to master at the age of 2 1/2 but for today it makes me smile.

Melissa- Thankyou so much for the adorable outfits! You are such a wonderful friend and cousin and I appreciate it so much! The kids also love the clothes and would like to say THANK YOU!! I tried to take photos of them in the outfits but they were not cooporating, so I will try again tomorrow.

Monday- which is today

Money-which I love,don't have a lot of but love

Maniac- the new colour of lipstick I am wearing

Mothers Day- which was yesterday

Messy- the state of my hair

Moment- the only way I survive the day

Moment by Moment