Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Monday, March 21, 2011


So I made a virtual scrapbook page here and would love love love it if you would all go to my FB page and like my page! Cause $6000 bucks in jewelry sounds pretty bling!
On a side not I am a hyperlink idiot and cant figure out how to do that on here....
Thanks and if I win I will not share the jewelry but I will share my love LOL Wait!!! I figured out how to hyperlink, I have reached a new moment of pride in blogging!
so please go here :) then log into FB and LIKE and when you open it up is says made by pandora and todd reisinger LOL I dont know how I managed that but it was made by moi:)
I will also be out of creative commission as I have like a gazillion essays due and my brain can only handle so much so once the cloud of essays has lifted and Jessica's visit approaches :) I might have some blogging energy to post.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Rylie: Courageous

Dawn: First breaking light

Alwyn: Friend of the elves

Rylie is courageous and will try anything!

Memory lane... Rylie was such a cute cheek grabbable little munchkin

She was content and adorable

Not even two weeks old, little miss Rylie was such a doll. A few months later our lives changed forever and it was just Ty, Rylie and myself, oh how things have changed.

Rylie is a joy to have as a daughter, she is always smiling and is the most loving person I know.

Forever using decorations as fashion accessories!

Rylie loves her cousin Cassius! They were Joseph and Mary on Christmas Eve

Rylie was named after myself (Dawn) and my grandfather(Alwyn). It is amazing to me how what we name our children either was meant to be or they become the meanings of their names:) I am gunna go with it was meant to be. Rylie has loved all things fairies and elves and how appropriate that her name Alwyn means just that. She is going through a phase right now where she wants to know if things are 'real'. She asked me if fairies were real and I said well what do you think, she said 'I believe they are' and I responded with 'well then they are real'.

Rylie is a light in our family and I am blessed to be her mum, I cant wait to watch her grow and develop her talents. Rylies teacher has approached me numerous times to tell me how kind and loving Rylie is to all the special needs children in the class. When I asked Rylie why she was so kind to one of the children in particular she said 'I love him and want to protect him'. As a mother it is such a wonderful feeling to see your children love other people no matter their challenges. The little boy has FASD and Autism and Rylie sees him as another little child that needs a friend rather than the challenges that others see he has.