Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Puppy love

I wrote a post and it went poof! Ugh so we got a puppy but if you see me on FB and Instagram you would have already been bombarded with pics :) he's a sweety we love him he came from an First Nations reserve and had some issues those have all been dealt with by the vet and he's doing great! I didn't like dogs until I met my dads and now my own :) cats and kids love him . I gave him a trim :) hairdresser in me couldn't resist. Our holiday is approaching 1 puppy 1 mum 4 kids two weeks and lots of adventures!!! My right of passage if u will! Works going great some changes that I'm excited about are happening, will post soon about that. Boys have been hit with the fever bug I'm thankful to my mum for caring for their hot bodies while I've been working. Lots happening and one day at a time cause anything more overwhelms me. Kids dentist appointments will cost me zilch nada nothing!!!! Yay for the benefits of going through nursing school. Adios oh so valentines day is approaching and I loathe valentines day! It's always made me sad rather I become sad on that 14th day of the second month of the year...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lonely bologna

Lonely bologna yes I said it! I like bologna and I'm lonely! I have four kids two cats ( plus azlan whose still missing) and one dog but sometimes here it comes.... I get sad I get lonely I cry .... I have a career ,children and co workers, friends amazing friends but alas I get sad. Sometimes I feel the blues and that's normal but it hurts.... So ill cuddle Louis and kiss dukie tuck my kids in and watch Netflix. Odds are ill still be blue but ill get through. All I ever wanted in life was simple love happiness babies and learning. I have that yet I have gaps.... When my nearly 5 year old demands bologna at 8 pm ill b grateful for him and smile I have bologna... Cheers

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Puzzle pieces

After a frustrating day of opening
government letters and more clean up regarding the unspeakable I had a long talk with one of my best friends ( he's also my birth dad) he said well one day soon this puzzle will be done. It got me thinking about expectations and timelines, there are moments during hardships that one thinks this has to be the last piece and then boom! It's not it keeps going. Which is life I get it, doesn't make it easy it just it was it is. So I'm beginning to think the 50 piece puzzle with no corners is actually 1000 pieces and I am on my way to completion. The finished project will be an ending to a time, travesty and tears. To keep me pressing on I'm thinking to April to our epic road trip :) it's somewhat a right of passage for me if you will. Four kids under 8 , 14 days , dozens of destinations and loved ones to hug. Picnics at random parks, swimming in hotel pools and counting mountain sheep. The kids are so excited, I'm nervous but really happy. One of the best stops will be seeing Milla and Sean and their kids. Milla was with me when i delivered the twins she cut their cords and was the first other than the doctor to hug kiss and hold them tight. That will always keep us kindred spirits and dear friends. The below photo is such a favourite of mine it makes me smile and brings me back to the strong identity I had of myself when it was taken. Ill get back to feeling as good as I did in that photo... I will

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Writing my Rights

To set down in writing what my ‘rights’ are. Right a moral, ethical, or legal principle considered as an underlying cause of truth, justice, morality and or ethics.
We each have our own right, our own moral compass, what makes us tick, what brings us joy and what pushes us to do more. I have a difficult time emotionally when others feel the need to tell me what ‘’right’’ looks like and subsequently how I am not ‘’on the right path’’. My path is my own and I will navigate it how I see fit and believe that it is part of the journey having the right to do what we want and feel is best.

Whether it be religion, spirituality, absence of religion, nature, family or friends our own choices should not be spoken ill of. I believe I am a human being first and foremost, a woman who is also a mother, a nurse, a person who loves life, laughter and learning. My wish is that each journey we go on can be respected and not attacked, I suppose it’s a bit of a rose coloured wish however I can exemplify that in my own interactions with others and hope that it is done in return to me.

I really do not think mass amounts of people can or should have the exact same opinion on every subject and our own opinions and stands are molded and shaped throughout our lives as we go through experiences so to judge and cast negativity on another’s journey is simply in my opinion so unwarranted and can have emotionally trying effects on those who are being cast against. Life is too short to think we have all the answers and that our right is the only right. Imagine if there was only one form of painting that was right? Think of all the amazing pieces of art that would be wrong? Is it bad to think the Venus of Willendorf is just as valuable in Art History as a piece by Georgia O’Keefe? Then why as humans do we feel the need to let other people know how wrong they are….