Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Square ROOT of My Happiness Part 1

The square ROOT of my happiness has for sometime been wrapped up in what other people felt or perceived me to be. Silly I know but I have been riding that boat for a long time. I have at this point four 'things' that sum up my happiness and make me smile daily....

R- Rylie
O- Oliver
O- Olivia
T- Ty
I have always known I love my kiddos and they are my source of all things wonderful, but I guess I have been so wrapped up in survival that I haven't stopped to smell their toes as much as I should have. I am wondering as I type and tears hit the key board if I am too emotional to write, but what the heck eh? I look at Ty turning 6 this month and cant help but reminisce when I first touched him. Rylie, wow, there is not one sentence to describe this girl or even one word, she is everything I am too chicken to be, brave, genuine, carefree, and she seems to know of strengths which at 4 turning 5 is pretty delish considering I just turned 28 and am trying to find mine. Oliver, how I wish I could bottle you up and share you with people who are sad, just the thought of you makes me smile and want to pinch something. Olivia, if you are not a makeup artist I will be shocked, with the amount of times you have applied mascara to yourself and painted your own toes at the age of two .... and when you let Rylie hug you and you give me that mischievous, I'm too cute for words look... I melt like a Popsicle as katy perry would say.
I love how Rylie sings off beat and tune and doesn't care, I love how Ty and Oliver tell me how to drive, except when I'm driving, only when I'm crying on my bed blogging! I love how Olivia blames poopin on Noni and how she calls Oliver Noni! I love how we all call him Noni. When I am having a particular off day, which has been every day this week, Ty looks at me and says, please no maniac mum today and Rylie says, I'll help with laundry.
Thank you for being my Square ROOT kids, thank you for making this world a happier place, thank you for putting up with my 'maniac' behavior and bad driving skills, thank you for not giving up on me. I love you four and I cant wait to see you grow into stellar big people!
love mum


ColleenDown said...

We really have to meet up soon so that I can meet these precious people in person! (I think that I should invent a tear guard for computers--my tearducts are also connected to my typing fingers)

Lindsay said...

This makes me smile. :D I agree with Colleen. I need to meet these little chitlins.

jessica&john.com said...

I hate math but I love your little square root. You are such a good mom. I want to see picts of your little ones. It has been too long and I need a little more Olivia in my life.

Lisa S. Luckey said...

Awe, that is so sweet. They are amazing kids.