Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Friday, May 11, 2012

Love for Milla Re-Post!

Wowzers!!! I was rather massive!!! Over 100 lbs gained to produce 10 lbs of awesome babies :)
Some friends move far away but the memories created will always be dear to our hearts! Milla this repost is for you :) I love you....

This past week one of my dearest friends moved. Milla and I met at work two years ago and hit it off instantly. Milla Sean and baby Chase leaving is extra hard for me because Milla was with me in the delivery room when I had the twins. The day before she left she brought over the photos she took of the twins and I. It brought up so many emotions! Some I would rather not remember and others brought happy tears and smiles to my face. Now the following photos are not for the queasy. I realize not all viewers are into the whole naked bloody baby pictures followed by me looking like a swollen cave woman, but I am reminising and going down memory lane, so bare with me.

Mummy and Auntie Milla with the twins. I really want you to know Milla how much I truely love and appreciate you being there for me. Being on my own I was so scared to go into the operating room, especially since I had had a C-Section before an knew how scary it was. You are an amazing friend and by sharing my birth experience with me you will be imprinted on my heart always. Thank you and I love you and when Oliver and Olivia are old enough to understand how important friends are I will tell them of you, being there for me and them. Thank You.

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