Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Puzzle pieces

After a frustrating day of opening
government letters and more clean up regarding the unspeakable I had a long talk with one of my best friends ( he's also my birth dad) he said well one day soon this puzzle will be done. It got me thinking about expectations and timelines, there are moments during hardships that one thinks this has to be the last piece and then boom! It's not it keeps going. Which is life I get it, doesn't make it easy it just it was it is. So I'm beginning to think the 50 piece puzzle with no corners is actually 1000 pieces and I am on my way to completion. The finished project will be an ending to a time, travesty and tears. To keep me pressing on I'm thinking to April to our epic road trip :) it's somewhat a right of passage for me if you will. Four kids under 8 , 14 days , dozens of destinations and loved ones to hug. Picnics at random parks, swimming in hotel pools and counting mountain sheep. The kids are so excited, I'm nervous but really happy. One of the best stops will be seeing Milla and Sean and their kids. Milla was with me when i delivered the twins she cut their cords and was the first other than the doctor to hug kiss and hold them tight. That will always keep us kindred spirits and dear friends. The below photo is such a favourite of mine it makes me smile and brings me back to the strong identity I had of myself when it was taken. Ill get back to feeling as good as I did in that photo... I will


Tiff said...

You are one strong momma. I love your blog, your courage and I love your determination. It's contagious. Keep on going on.