Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 years and counting!

Our day started off uber planned so naturally the cats wound abscessed and required immediate veterinarian aid! Naturally! Oh but the 400 something bucks was not natural at all.... So breakfast, presents, then balloon pick up, cat to vet, cat to surgery, home for lunch, bowling, pick up drugged cat with a cone head, dinner at Boston pizza with my parents. During dinner we were graced with a magician who the kids loved a huge group of guys (18 of them) joined in singing happy birthday with the servers ! Kids loved it! Then home for cupcake candle blowout! Give cat antibiotics and crash! Due to the whole 1 parent four kids we don't go on holidays really so I try to make the Bdays extra saucy ;)

I was going to reminisce but alas I'm in a cynical snarky pants mood tossed with some pessimism. So instead it was a great day which was in contrast to the extra stress I have no control over that hit me like a tsunami over the past two weeks!!!

Today we hit Hemer park with my pal Noreen:) she claims she rescued me from the lake when I jumped in lol this did not happen :)

Tomorrow is BC family day and were off to Cathedral Grove up island to see some huge trees :)