Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goose Poop and Beach Playdates

Within 3.7 seconds of arriving at the beach Livie had sat in goose poop and Ty was sketching away.... off to a jolly good start if I say so myself

Canada's next top model watch out Livie and Rylie are taking over the posing world

Annika, Livie, Rylie and Charlotte! Such cuties

Playin Mario under the slide!

Charlotte whizzing down! Rylie and Charlotte became instant friends on day 1 of Kindergarten

I love this pic and cant wait till their 17 and we can take it again:) OK maybe I can wait!

Ty wiping his nose and surfing down the slide, such class we have!

Too funny! I am loving this 3 week break from school! It is doing wonders for my soul, I started off with a FB cleanse and feel great, no more status updates, or creeping peoples virtual lives, next on my list is to buy a book for pleasure and read it and not worry about highlighting and retaining more than my brain can hold.

Ty loving his sketch pad, and soaking up some back ground creativity for his dinosaur drawings.

Hello Kitty Land and Chinese Dragons

Hello Kitty Land... Patent Pending...
Rylies assignment this week was to make a craft from recycled trash, it could not have been a more perfect assignment for a child who sees beauty in all things garbage! I am seriously considering submitting an application on her behalf for the next season of Junk Raiders! I might have completed the whole project while she was with her Auntie :) and when she returned home she was a little perturbed so she added a cupcake liner flower, stuck a toothpick in the roof and moved the purple girl.

We used bubble wrap, cupcake liners, lindor chocolate box, wrapping paper, sushi grass, old stickers, Easter egg top, toothpicks, OPI polish shipping box and love! Obviously blogger loves it too because they are underlining this and putting it in blue!

I let her name it :) Hello Kitty Land

Ty's 3D zebra craft

His very lovely giraffe

and my personal favourite! his Chinese New Year dragon which was hung in the principles office!


So I had this great post about Rylies art project and Ty's Chinese Dragon, and for some reason blogger wont let me post it! Any who I have pulled the plug on FB and I feel 343 lbs lighter, I was tired of drama, gossiping and the time I wasted on it.
On another note I try really hard not to let other people's assumptions and beliefs about me hurt my feelings but today they did. Just because someone might not sit in a pew on a certain day of the week as frequently as you feel they should does not mean they are 'struggling', perhaps they are working a 3rd 12 hour shift at the hospital or perhaps her husband is just too tired to drag four kids to church or perhaps... whatever it may be saying mean and hurtful things is probably not the most Christlike way to deal with someone who is 'struggling'! I cherish my testimony and I don't like it that nursing school takes me away from church on Sundays and that's that. I am not writing this so that those who perceive know the truth, I am writing it to remind me that others do not determine my happiness, I do! and people can assume I am a bloody Zoo Keeper for all I care, I am not going to let it get to me anymore.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bunnies, Belly's and Bounty

Bare belly's are a must when dying Easter eggs and decorating them as dinosaurs

Doing some pre doodle crayon designs

Noni looking forward to dying his egg GREEN! His current status is everything green, green milk, green pasta, green play dough, green cars, green undies, green cups, you get the picture, its pretty cute to say the least!

Livie quite excited to place her egg into her brontosaurus!

Some of the finished dinos

Here's to me wishing for a nice camera so I can actually take half decent pics....

We, meaning I decided to make way too many sugar cookies for those we love, Granny and Grandad and Bishop Ballageer

Kind of glad my cameras not that good for these pics:) the cookies look better from a distance!

They did taste pretty yummy, once they were done we headed to neck point with Chris, Kimme and Cassius for some kite flying, egg hunting t-ball playing fun, I forgot my camera and Kimme's battery died :( ... insert imagination photos....

The following picture is so far my favourite of Ty's art work! I wish you could see the detail that he drew all the birds from RIO, from memory, and in the top left corner it says 'from the creators of Ice Age, Rio and Ty wish the Easter Bunny a Happy Easter'! I love how he is book smart and so creative

I took the kids to see HOP and so now they think the Easter Bunny has a human sidekick so he go the sugar cookie and the bunny got the carrots.

Before Ty went to sleep he said 'I know why there are eggs at Easter, its because a new life it hatched from the egg just like Jesus did for us'. I am grateful for the teachers that teach my kids the true meanings of Easter and for my children's ability to learn and understand what they are taught. I am finding more pleasure in the simpler things in life, and his simple yet beautiful definition made me one proud chick!

The loot left behind by the bunny and his human helper...

I am grateful for the bounty my children bring me, their cute belly's and their understanding of the real meaning of bunnies! (Fresh clean starts:)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wonder, Women and Water

Science World Vancouver came to our little Island today to spread some science love! Ty Rylie and myself headed to timmies first for some apple juice and doughnuts

Ty's pediatrician came in while we were there and he was pretty excited to show him the 1 centimeter he has grown since his last appointment:)

Making some edible DNA

You are correct in assuming I neglected my makeup application!

Showing off their DNA

Stefano called Rylie up to the stage as an assistant!

I think she has a crush on Stefano!

He asked her if her real name was cutiepatootie:) She is still talking about his comment

Pizza break

Today was also a play date at the Kin Hut beach with some wonderful women from church, once the lunch date began I realized I needed to reconnect with these wonderful women!

Playing kick the ball

Loving the park

Playing with sweet little Esther

Ty and Kyle who are the same age

Sandra prepared so many wonderful activities and yummy food for all of us, it was a wonderful day at the beach!

The boys about to take on the egg and spoon race

Noni dropped his egg and said 'oh no the eggs trying to hatch'

A seal and a crazy man graced us with their presence as they swam by! Today was busy and great, I loved the play date on the beach and hope to continue this monthly with wonderful people. Women have a way of getting in their routines and when we stop to appreciate each other it becomes obvious that we all need the same things, friendship, acceptance and support! Thank you Geri, Rayanne and Sandra!

A beautiful day filled with balloons, experiments, owls, wonderful women and water

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finding Balance

Finding balance and enjoying tranquility has always eluded me. I tend to run on the wild side and go until my steam engine runs out and stops dead in its tracks. Today is one of those days, I was up all night with a fever and now I am so congested I sound like an old Jazz singer! My family is a part of my life that tends to drive every decision that I make. Which in turns makes me feel overwhelmed, I am turning a new leaf in appreciation and instead of relishing on all the decisions, choices and fingernails I have to trim, I will relish on all the wonderful- ness they bring to me.

Ty- In preparation for his 7th Birthday he would like a launch able angry bird cake, so we are working on the blueprints!

Rylie- In hopes of trying to get this girl to keep her room clean I have promised her a Fancy Nancy Tea Party fit for Queens if she can keep it clean for a week without me nagging!

Oliver- Its hard to sum this guy up in a sentence, he is obsessed with his undies and loves to change them throughout the day, he is also a great little t-rex who loves to snuggle.

Olivia- Likes to dress herself and wear Rylies undies which fall off but she doesn't seem to mind :) She is also a sweetheart and loves to snuggle.

Todd- Well... hes my best friend and I love him, I am grateful for all he does for our family!

Chelsea aka Me- I am busy with school, work and such, I only have 1 yr left!!! WOOHOOO