Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bunnies, Belly's and Bounty

Bare belly's are a must when dying Easter eggs and decorating them as dinosaurs

Doing some pre doodle crayon designs

Noni looking forward to dying his egg GREEN! His current status is everything green, green milk, green pasta, green play dough, green cars, green undies, green cups, you get the picture, its pretty cute to say the least!

Livie quite excited to place her egg into her brontosaurus!

Some of the finished dinos

Here's to me wishing for a nice camera so I can actually take half decent pics....

We, meaning I decided to make way too many sugar cookies for those we love, Granny and Grandad and Bishop Ballageer

Kind of glad my cameras not that good for these pics:) the cookies look better from a distance!

They did taste pretty yummy, once they were done we headed to neck point with Chris, Kimme and Cassius for some kite flying, egg hunting t-ball playing fun, I forgot my camera and Kimme's battery died :( ... insert imagination photos....

The following picture is so far my favourite of Ty's art work! I wish you could see the detail that he drew all the birds from RIO, from memory, and in the top left corner it says 'from the creators of Ice Age, Rio and Ty wish the Easter Bunny a Happy Easter'! I love how he is book smart and so creative

I took the kids to see HOP and so now they think the Easter Bunny has a human sidekick so he go the sugar cookie and the bunny got the carrots.

Before Ty went to sleep he said 'I know why there are eggs at Easter, its because a new life it hatched from the egg just like Jesus did for us'. I am grateful for the teachers that teach my kids the true meanings of Easter and for my children's ability to learn and understand what they are taught. I am finding more pleasure in the simpler things in life, and his simple yet beautiful definition made me one proud chick!

The loot left behind by the bunny and his human helper...

I am grateful for the bounty my children bring me, their cute belly's and their understanding of the real meaning of bunnies! (Fresh clean starts:)


PS said...

Those dino eggs are so cute! And thanks for the cookies, they were delicious :) Ty's drawing is awesome!
also - thanks for your comments on my post! I love to have the kids around while I'm here. I feel SO BAD about mixing up the date with Rylie's gymnastics (totally forgot what day it was today), but hopefully she can show me some of her moves when they come over on Thursday :)

Heather said...

Your home is so full of art. Your kids must get it from their mom and grandma. You make me want to take more time for that, whether I have the talent for it or not. Ty's picture is great!!

jessica&john.com said...

Good thing your cookies aren't in HD b/c I would probably hop on a plane to come and have on. I am so impressed with your homemaking skills!
Those dino eggs look fantastic too. I am sad there are no pics of the day at the beach. I hate it when that happens. Oh, well at least I know how fantastic the scenery was and how cute all the kids probably looked. I have it ingrained in my memory and I can't stop thinking about how fabulous life is on your little island.