Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Certainty is something I have thought is attainable, something I thought I coudl tangibly grasp, a tactile painting I could admire on my wall... There are some things that are certain... impromtoo drives in the summer to a cheese farm, getting lost and finding a museum that had a paelaeontology exhibit

I am certain Ty will excel at whatever he chooses, for certain I will help grow his passions however I can.

I am certain my four munchkins are the darndest hodgpodge of talents, emotions and personalities.

I am certain these two are cannable and scrumptious when eaten:)

Ty and his 'mini Ty' as the kids at school say are certainly cute students!

Rylie and Olivia are certainly living out their left handedness to their fullest as well as the right sides of their brains!

Random beaches with four kids and a picnic packed is certainly a great afternoon.

Leaving a spiritual message for the bald eagles to see is certainly keeping us in connection with our Aboriginal ancestors and fellow Canadians.

Crab shells that match Rylies bruise on her forehead is well certain!

Passing my nose and cheeks genetically to each of my kids certainly happened.

My path in life other than a mother and a nurse is uncertain, sometimes the light at the end of the trees is all there is to hold onto, and watching your children enjoy the beauties of life.

Fuzzy baby kitties certainly make me smile and happy.

Watching Rylie blossom is certainly my secret garden.

If life were as easy and clear and Ty's bow n arrow skills I may be even more certain.

I certainly love this picture and feel blessed to have received two for the price of one, I am only certain of a few things right now, so I will hold onto them and see where this great big sea takes me.

I shall leave you with part of the Psychiatric Nursing Pledge from 1957

I PROMISE to respect the personal rights and privileges of my patient, and to do all in my power to prevent or alleviate physical or psychological discomfort.

I WILL ALWAYS be kind, tolerant and just... I will endeavor to cultivate a keen sense of observation and an understanding attitude.

(To read about a truly amazing psychiatric nurse please read Mental Wards to Blackboards by Marie Legault, RPN RN BsN


jessica&john.com said...

I love spontaneous play days. That for certain, is the spice of life. Beautiful post and fabulous sunglasses sistah:)

redheadedness said...

I am CERTAIN that when you finish school you will make an UNBELIEVABLE nurse. You have the empathy, the tolerance, the don't bullshit a a bullshitter attitude and the motherly love. You will excel in anything you take on, and I ... Love.... YOU!!!