Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Monday, September 26, 2011

Once Upon a Brownie...

While having the neighbourhood over for fresh brownies and hot chocolate Noni decided to do this...

I dont have many words... he then ran away saying 'who wants me to do a replay of peeing?'

Rylie preferred to dump the homemade buns in her hot chocolate while Nonis buns were gracing the front door.

The whole lot of rugrats

Rylie and Raquel

Oh Oliver

I asked Ty to smile and this is what I got LOL

On another note I am at a point in my life where I am beginning to know who I am and if others choose to diagnose, decide and label me then I do not have room for them in my life. I am fine if a painter tells me my blue is the wrong hue and if a Vet tells me my cat has fleas. I am however not ok if a dog groomer tells me something that has nothing to do with dog grooming.

I am ok with weeding out my garden and choosing which flowers to grow, some say blood is thicker than water but I have recently decided the old addage of oil and water is much more prominent. Ill use the water to grow my garden and love my kids and finish school. And if some choose to judge then so be it. I simply do not care.


ColleenDown said...

Here is my quote of the day--I think it is apropos for a psyche nurse too! "The neurotic process is a problem of the self. It is a process of abandoning the real self for an idealized one; of trying to actualize the pseudoself instead of our given human potentials."-- Karen Horney( her name pops up everywhere, I need to read more of her stuff)

I love the "real" Chelsea and I am also tired of the neurosis in my own life--just be who you are!
Plus, I love your blog!

jessica&john.com said...

Love the way you live and let live... and let Noni pee on the porch:)
So crazy it is cold enough for cocoa in Canada. I am living in a place of perpetual summer. Let's switch:)

redheadedness said...

I don't think you've quite offered me enough brownie-ness... next time I'm DEFINATELY taking you up on the offer

Chelsea said...

oh my goodness! my bestie redheadedness has a blog!!! I knew I could make a blog believer out of you! woohoo and you can always have brownies as long as I can drink your pop.