Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Twisted emotions

Mother's Day aka I'm happy I have kids to love day went well. Kids did their best to show me they cared. They appreciated the smorgasbord of food and gave me kisses and hugs.

They also didn't put their shoes away let the dog out, forgot to flush the toilet and had temper tantrums. Left a Popsicle on the carpet and snuck marshmallows into their room.

I guess part of the reason I somewhat hate this holiday is because I used to think it was my sole purpose and its not. Society says I should be fed in bed and garnished with lavish gifts. The man in my life should show me he cares, don't have that and even when I did I didn't get that.

I'm a mum a single mum a single full time working mum who is exhausted most days but choose to keep trucking along to teach my kids the value of education love and dedication. How life is about kindness and helping others, not judging and always having laughter. It's about each of us individually not being told who we are and what our journey is. That's for each of us to decide.

What I do have is a clear conscious I'm doing everything I can to teach and love my kids. I have four bright beautiful happy kids who call me mum. I have parents ( 3 of them :) ) who truly help me every day. I have friends and colleagues, teachers, therapists and neighbours who love us and look out for us.

So here's to women who each have a different picture of their motherhood and so they should were each individuals!

Still a little down as part of the territory of single parenting is keeping your cool and scheduling your meltdowns as not to damper the morale of your troops aka kids:)


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