Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Friday, August 31, 2012


My late night adventures consist of me trying to convince myself to fall asleep..... Not working so I will type my blessings ....
Family, support, friends, smiles, my ability to still laugh and snort, Ty's baptism, Rylie going from regular school to learn at home.... She needs to heal and I feel good and peaceful about this decision, twins starting preschool, my new job!!!! My mum and dad for their unconditional support, therapists and the power of psychology, herbs, omegas and homeopathic tablets, my cats, my home, my cars, my colleagues.....

I have so many blessings which make these past 6 months more livable and bearable, the pain has not lessened it has actually worsened..... However with my blessings and bull-vine stubborn determination I get up try, beg plead laugh work clean and thank those that make my achievements possible.

To my kids.... I love u one day we will look back and say we did it !!! We didn't let him win, we are survivors not victims! We have each other kids and that will never change I love u!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

When the clock strikes 12 I'm not a pumpkin

In the past yr I've gone on adventures. I've looked at lots of shoes... I have made lasting friendships.... Received birthday gifts.... Watched my kids wave goodbye as I go to work.... Bought and worn a swimsuit.... Watched my kids get closer to their dad.... Passed the National Nursing Exam.... Developed a wonderful relationship with my birth dad..... Cried over the loss of my granny...Celebrated Easter..... Kissed my kids on valentines day....

There has been a lot of literal blood.... Sweat and tears, I would not have my smile without my parents unconditional support and help. I feel blessed overwhelmed and excited. My kids are healing I'm trying to heal and those that support me are lifting me up. The emails, calls, texts, FB messages and hugs keep me going. There have been days I think I can't. But my dad says Chels look at how far you've come 12 months ago you thought you would have to drop out of school and here I am graduated wearing swim suits!!!

Happy Birthday/Hatch Day! You are worth it!! Love me