Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pirates and Zamboni's

While locked in my room for somewhere around 5 hours today, researching and writing an essay I found this slipped under the door...

Not to brag but seriously this is pretty creative! They made me out of stickers!


This year for New Years Eve we decided to have a Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon! I have never seen them and neither have the kids. I naturally forgot to take pictures but mark my words the living room was rearranged and appies were cooked and eaten! Just about the time that the pirates became sea creatures in the second film all four kids conked out roughly 30 minutes later as was I:) Todd says he is undetermined as to when he fell asleep!

On New Years Day I took Ty, Rylie and Noni to their first live hockey game...

We were directly behind the penalty box!! So we saw the 'bad guys' as Noni puts it

Noni got a hold of the camera :) and Rylie got a hold of her cheeks

Rylie doing her thang!

Mum and Noni watchin the 'hockey guys shoot pucks' before the game started. He also had an extreme meltdown because I would not let him climb over the plexi glass and operate the Zamboni!

Moi and Rylie chillin

Cassius and Ty before the game! Ty is beaming because he just saw the Swedish players outside the rink playing soccer! He looked at them like I would look at Tom Selleck...
On a side note we love little (nearly as big as Ty) cousin Cassius! He was so excited to see the kids that he gave them each a very big hug, he also calls nightly to report on his potty pooping adventures! We are so proud he is on his way to undies. When Ty and him talk it melts my heart, Ty has a very 'teacher like' voice and he congratulates Cassius on his achievements and is so kind, he also pummeled him in a bull fight at my parents house on Christmas Eve (which was directed by Uncle Chris) resulting in a puffy black eye! And as much as Cassius loves everything Ty, Noni loves everything Cassius.

Rylie enjoying some hot chocolate

It was a wonderful game the Nanaimo Clippers vs. Sweden, we won 2 to 1!


Ty drew this picture for me! Apparently it is me and the Grinch! It is most likely a Freudian slip in that he has connected me to the Grinch:)
I am not making New Years Resolutions as I will either forget about them, loose them in the laundry or take them out on recycle day. Instead I will say kind words and love lots, oh and work on patience which I still have not located and if I fail I will TRY TRY TRY!


Justin and Rachel said...

Cuuuuuute photos!!! Love the drawings. My kids probably associate me with the Grinch too. :)

ColleenDown said...

Your kids have obviously inherited those amazing Rudolph art genes. I was wondering about your Pirates party ever since you mentioned it on FB. It looks almost as exciting as our HairSpray party.--your kids are darling!

jessica&john.com said...

Your new years rocked more than the one at Rockefeller center! Amen about the art genes. That's amazing! I so want to take James to a Hockey game when I come up there.

Heather said...

I think that sticker art is destined for Tate Modern. Your kids are adorable and I love hearing their antics.

Great resolutions, or non-resolutions as the case may be.

Tom Selleck? Chelsea, we are not that old. I can't wait to read the Justin Bieber post

Kimme Rae said...

i cant comment on the hockey game for some reason, it won't let me...anyways, that night was fun. Ty is always so sweet to Cassius. I don't think you know how many times a day Cassius talks about him!

Lindsey said...

THANKS :) Your sweet! Your kids are darling and I'd agree very creative!