Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Turquoise in June

Turquoise in June

Origin known, soul embodied

derived from peace

sent to deliver and receive

love through times of

turmoil and joy

cannot be whole without

the other

once but a faint whisper

grew to a flutter

became a treasure, my treasure

through doubt and dismay

denial and fear

tears became strength

As my olive branch was extended towards me I was blessed with two gifts.
The olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. For that reason alone I chose to name my blessings after the offer of peace that they are.
As I watched Olivia smile in the sun today I was reminded just how close we are to perfection. She is what I strive to be, she glows with innocence and love. I then quickly looked for Oliver who is never too far from his partner in crime. They are beautiful and lovely on their own but together their unique quirks and personalities are that much more lovely.
I couldn't help but think of how blessed I am to have found Todd, I truly am better with him and hopefully he feels the same!!!
To Extend
in definition
to stretch out, to enlarge in area,
scope, influence and meaning
can one little whisper deliver such
can one little flutter offer
together two are one
expanding in strength
delivering peace


Lindsay said...

What a talent, Ches! I wish I could write beautiful things and express my feelings well through words. I've always admired that in you.

Lisa S. Luckey said...

Wow that is beautiful.

Heather said...

Chelsea, that is really amazing. You have a gift for words.

qila cutez said...

I like the way that you do to take a time with your children...
although,you're busy woman but you doesn't forgot for your children...
I know,that mother is a wonderful woman that i've see.
althuogh,the children are fighting or angry to their mum,
the woman that i called mum is still give good respond to their children.
Although,mum is cry
she dosn't forgot that she's still mother to her children...
she always forgiveen for their chlidren...