Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Body image, woman, ramblings of my heart

It's a bad thing at first I think only because I perceive mine as bad when I think deeper. Body image is just that body image is neither good or bad. How we perceive our image is either negative positive in between or variable to how we feel emotionally. As a "modern" woman I hear and see what I "should" look like. I also hear and see how I should be a "mother" a "working mother" a "single working mother". People tell us what we should believe how to feel what to eat wear and whose shoes we should purchase. 

I have spent far too much time dwelling on what "society" Instagram and Facebook tell me to be never mind other forces like family friends etc. 

I love me and my brain I'm grateful for my drive and my determination yet when I look in the mirror I don't like. Except my nose I like my nose :) 

Here's to accepting me and creating my wish list and my goals based on me not anyone else. I know I'm not the only human struggling with identity and body issues. 

I wish that we can just be us I can be me which is ever changing and growing. As a woman I find its likea competitive    rat race . Do you have a degree? Where do you work? How many children? What does your husband do ? Are you vegan gluten free and dairy free? Do you heaven forbid buy your cucumbers from superstore? Do you work out? Rock red lipstick? When's your next marathon? Where do you vacation? How many extra curriculum activities are your kids in? 

It's insane!!!!!! I hate the rat race I'm not a rat! I'm not a Costco play date mum where did you get your kids boots?

I work full time to support my kids and to exercise my brain and my dreams. I have four kids because I chose to. I'm a single mum because I'm divorced. 

I'd rather take my kids on adventures solo id rather grocery shop by myself. Id rather work then stay home full time and I have to. I'd rather have been divorced multiple times then stay in unhealthy and  abusive marriages. 

I'm Chelsea and I currently don't know everything or much of anything and I'm perfectly fine with that! 

And I love that we each are entitled to our own wants needs wishes desires and dreams.