Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Memory Symposium

My memories have served me well, captured in film my emotions and lessons learned are viewed often and reflected of in times of sadness and joy

Lesson- Own your curls, own your expressions and never let anyone crush your funny

Lesson- cake is meant to be eaten, even if it is for your little twin siblings

Lesson- There will always be at least one of four kids not happy and that is ok

Lesson- Blue eyes and pink frosting make for a sweet treat. I was happy happy in this pic I was embarking on a new chapter/marriage in my life and all seemed well. One thing that I have learned through this current time in my life is getting back to ''my happy'' is possible even if it is under different circumstances.

Lesson- Little girls are as gentle and kind as a cocooning butterfly

Lesson- Sometimes a beautiful cake is filled with frozen ice cream in the middle! As seems to be my luck with men :) Note.... must cut cake in half and ensure it is only frosting and cake!

Lesson- Pussy Willows not only won me my first art contest when I was 7 :) They also bring back memories of my childhood, which is a good thing.

Lesson- When the dust settles there are jewels beneath, you just have to give yourself permission to breathe and let be.

Lesson- Bundles of joy abound in hat boxes!

Lesson- Siblings are one of Gods greatest gifts

Lesson- This face made me a mother and continues to be such a strength and strong willed nugget in my life!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Inner Magpie

Like the great Magpie I have a tendency to talk too much, squawk when unnecessary and search high and low for shiny things! In the hopes of not making myself seem identical to the Magpie.... you either love me or not so much!

They spend hours a day searching for trinkets to fill their nests and to the onlooker it seems they have collected junk and garbage. We each have our own definition of what sparkles and makes us tick, so here's a toast to the Magpies for still scavenging even though to some it is not a worthwhile endeavor, and here's to us respecting each others decisions and recognizing that we each have our own sparkle that we have a right to claim.

My Inner Magpie needs to thank those that are making it possible for me to claim my sparkle and graduate...

Mum, Dad, Jeff, my loyal friends (who have red hair:) , my fellow classmates who rock and answer my sometimes squawking phone calls! My instructors and co workers for their words of wisdom and support and encouragement, my blogging friends who I love from afar, my kids for smiling and collecting their own sparkle! The government of Canada for their programs and grants for single mums, my friends at church for their love, my Bishop and visiting teacher :)

Thank you to everyone who has been so gracious with your kind words, compliments and prayers, it means the world to me and is truly helping me accomplish my goal of surviving, healing and learning.

Love MagPie

p.s. heres my eportfolio that nearly killed me and yes I created it all by my lonesome! watch out google sites here I come https://sites.google.com/site/chelseasview/

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jack Johnson and I Are Better Together

Certain tunes bring out emotions for me, happiness, sadness, joy, floods of memories, you name it they remind me of the past present and what I hope for.

Jack Johnson seems to be a melodic mix of soothing meloncholy for the soul.

These past two weeks of clebrations have been bitter sweet... the kids and i had great times with family and friends and amongst ourselves. In my down time the sadness sets it and then I realize I have more homework than I wish to think about and I press on.

I only have a few more months until I have accomplished something I have wanted to do since I was young. I will be able to support my children, and live out my dreams, care and advocate for patients and show my children through example that an education is more than just letters on a certificate, it is freedom, intelligence and an ability to do unto others.

The beauty as I see it about education is that it comes in so many forms, you can educate yourself in gardening, baking and sewing, you can go to and University and sweat your way to a degree or you can master homeschooling your children. For me the importance of my continuing education is that I show my children that with knowledge comes the ability to be so much more. And no matter your circumstances it can be accomplished.

Here's a song that I love for obvious reasons...
Somebody's Chelsea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jHvJTlnUO4