Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Look of Love

I have began to realize just how much I write, use words and express myself through them! I read 100-250pgs of text books a week, I read my essays after writing them for days, I read my patients charts and Dr.'s orders, I write my case studies and care plans, I read stories to my patients...
Speaking of reading to patients, my one patient wanted me to read to her and all she had was a murderous steamy romance novel! oh dear and the impact of her anerisms had made her fixated on death and s.. soooo I felt the need to change the entire story line! LOL after I read three chapters of my imagination and not the words I was seeing, she said 'that is a reallllly bad novel!'. and ps those steamy romance novels made me blush and shocked you can buy them at the dollar store!

I love that I am learning, I love that through reading and writing I am able to increase my financial earnings x1000%, I love that it makes me a more well rounded peep, I love that it makes me smile and scream in frustration at how long the chp is!

So here is where my head/face/mind has been for the past umpteen longish 2 years :)
(when i locate my camera i shall photograph the gazillions of books including the one that weighs... are you ready... 21 lbs!!!!)

and in case you are wondering who is caring for my kidlets, they are building forts, screaming at each other, digging for dino bones, sneaking in the snack cupboard, gettting into my makeup, and begging me to put their feather extensions in their hair! So they are fine and my mind may or may not explode.
(and this is where a pic of my kids will be)

and I am now blonde LOL, you can put the hairdresser in nursing scrubs but you cant take the hairdresser away for good!
(and here you shall see my new tresses!!)


jessica&john.com said...

Chelsea, you almost don't need photos b/c you are so good with words...But I still love seeing your kiddos so don't stop;) Plus I am dying to see you as a blonde. I would have loooooved to have been there for your rendition of a steamy romance novel. I am sure that was quite entertaining.
I need to read more...besides my morning read of the bloggidy blogs. I go through phases. John asked me last night how I would live in Saudi since I like to be out and about so much. I said I would just become a reader. So I guess I am saving the books for when I am suppressed and can't go outside without a male.
Speaking of reading, Do you read http://blog.cjanerun.com/? I just started and I like her a lot. Well, I love our little online friendship:) Have a fabulous day and please keep sharing.

ColleenDown said...

You are a storyteller, I wish I could have heard that steamy story too! I always have characters in my head but I am not good in the storytelling department--maybe we should collaborate. Isn't it funny how we can do it all, the kids, the job, the hair etc. if we just do it according to our own standards. I am glad you still find time to post!

Heather said...

I think you should post your story. I bet it was awesome.