Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Square ROOT of my happiness part II

The ROOT of my happiness
Ty Rylie Oli and Ole
have been quite busy this past year
(the pictures are out of order... not surprising my brain is hanging on by a receptor)
Ty turned 6 and requested a ' Blue Whales being sucked into the East Australian Current cake'

He got a scooter and zoomed all day long!

He of course loved my pathetic cake

His dinner of choice wieners... hold the bun and ketchup and noodles with minimal butter!

He also enjoyed his new Leapster

Rylie.... I love you

Oh dear Livie is a ham and Rylie is her partner in crime dressed to kill in their Easter dresses

Me sleep deprived and looking sleep drunk with noni

Ty sporting his mohawk hat, thanks auntie brooke

Ty winning best Halloween costume! GO Ty and Ty's mum for making him splendid green dragon with fire under his armpits!

Ty with his girlfriend Taylor G who is now one of Rylies friends too!

Rylie turned 5 I love her more now 5 years later then ever imagined!

I also love that my kids thought my cake was the bomb digity even though the green layer broke and the icing looks horrific!

This pic was taken last Feb and I love it cause its the whole gang:)

I love my fam, and am very happy they put up with my ever changing moods and tempers...