Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Emergency Rooms and Personal Hygeine

WARNING: Severe cabin fever and a grouchy mum live here

Oliver: Has Bronchialitis and a horrible staff infection on top of his eczema flair up and a very contagious eye infection.
Solution: Nebulizer with steroids every three hours.
Steroid cream applied to his whole body 3X a day.
Vaseline applied 5x a day- not @ the same time as steroids
Oral antihistamine before bed
Antibiotic eye ointment 3X a day- inserted into the eyelid!
Oral antibiotic 3X a day
Tylenol when needed

Olivia: Bronchialitis and a very contagious eye infection as well as a severe case of NOT sleeping through the night!
Solution: Nebulizer with steroids every three hours.
Antibiotic eye ointment 3X a day- inserted into the eyelid!
Tylenol when needed

Ty: A horrible chest cold and you guessed it- a very contagious eye infection.
Solution: Tylenol and decongestants when needed.
Antibiotic eye drops 3X a day.

Rylie: A horrible chest cold and a contagious eye infection.
Solution: Tylenol and decongestants when needed.
Antibiotic eye drops 3X a day.

Moi: Along with the contagious eye infection you can use your imagination as to my physical and mental state!

Todd: Safe in Pennsylvania.

So 5 days ago Oli and Livie were having trouble breathing so I rushed them to the ER. Where Oliver was diagnosed with Asthma and his breathing issues were attributed to that! Livie's Bronchialitis was escalating. Go home continue on with our routine and then yesterday Oli had three more episodes where he couldn't breath. So back to the hospital we went. 7 hours later they think he has Pertussis, they had to thread a catheter down his nose, and do chest X-Rays etc. So now we are waiting for the Pertussis results and in the meantime he has 2 more steroids he has to take to try and keep his airways open and we are off the the specialist today to get his puffer! While sitting in the waiting room I realized that there were a lot of people with less than lovely smelling odours coming from them, quickly realising in the past 5 days I have visited the ER more than I have showered! In fear I might be one of the not so nicely smelling people I ate a couple cinnamon hearts, in my deranged state this took care of any further worries.

How excited am I that Todd will be here permanently on Friday and I begin work on Saturday!! That's right Mr. Mom will be arriving and we will be doing a little role reversal until Todd's paperwork is through immigration. I am in need of a break and regular showers!!


Melissa said...

you poor thing! i can't believe all the kiddos are so sick at the same time, yuck! Hope it ends soon.

WonderMom said...

Wow! You've definitely got your hands full! Look at it this way though, maybe they'll all get through it at once and then be done rather than passing it back and forth for months. You can hope anyway, can't you?

Teresa said...

you are super mom! I hope mom and babies start feeling better quickly!

The Briggs said...

Oh man! It's hard enough when one is sick!!! Good luck and I hope you all get better soon!

The Hansen Family said...

Oh, sad! Brayden just got over Bronchiolitis last week. He hated the nebulizer... but ya do what you gotta do! Good luck!!!
Hey, I saw your kids pictures on that website and they are SO CUTE!!!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Oh my gosh. You are a wonder woman! That is so so so so so horrible. I hope you and your kids feel better soon and things calm down! And that will sure be nice to get out of the house when Todd arrives! Seems like his timing will be good... :)

jenn said...

Wow! Sounds kind of hectic (an understatement, I know). Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Now I feel bad for complaining about having one sick toddler. (And not even sick enough for a doctor's visit.)

I wanted to thank you for joining in the single mom conversation on my blog. Everyone added so much to the discussion.

And your kiddos are beautiful. :)

The Sartori's said...

jeez, and I thought we have been sick. Glad Todd is on his way.

Jared & Kristy said...

Wow, you are amazing! My Berkley has asthma and just giving only her the nebulizer treatments is a pain! I can't imagine that for 2 plus all the other stuff, plus ER visits, etc. I think you need a vacation! (;

jessica&john.com said...

Girl your fam has had some bad luck this month. Just think, spring is just around the corner and you will all by enjoying warm days at the beach.
So, I think you should come up with Kimme next week, just saying:)

Audrey said...

Keep your head up and just remember it will all be better soon. Maybe if you take a nice long bath and relax, your hubby will be there before you know it. Your the best mom.

Lisa S. Luckey said...

I hope your little ones are doing better and I hope you're doing better.