Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Family Photos

My lovely photographer Darcy just emailed me a couple of the pictures she took on Monday!! So here is a sneak peak, I will share the rest with you when I get them.
The Five of us! I must admit we are looking pretty snazzy! Notice the brute strength I possess
Ty you have the most amazing hair little dude!! And Rylie you are too cute!


The Briggs said...

Cute pics! And don't all moms of twins have to have brute strength, but especially you with four kids! Good job lady! You look great!!!

jessica&john.com said...

Okay, I totally want to commit a kidnapping act with your kids! You are lucky you live across the boarder otherwise I just might do it:)
Love the pics! You are looking hot girl!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

HI CHEALSEA!!! Your kids are SO adorable! They are all so beautiful! You are so beautiful too! I'm so glad I found out about your blog! I have missed you!

Melissa said...

Chels, I love the new photos. You look fabulous. The cupcakes are from a book called "hello cupcakes" i don't have it yet but i know you can order it from amazon.com. i was going to check the library first to see i could get it there for free. email me you email address.

Ams said...

Chelsea I am so glad to hear from you. Your family is so modelesque. You guys should be in a pottery barn catalog. Let's keep in touch!

Audrey said...

I love the new photos! I hope I get one, or two, or more in the mail come Christmas time. Hint, Hint!

Teresa said...

Chels! Your family is beautiful! And I want your kids' curly locks! It's not fair :)

The Hansen Family said...

Chels, you are so beautiful! And I LOVE the pic of you guys all together. GORGEOUS! What an adorable bunch! I ditto Audrey, and hope I get a Christmas Card with that picture on it.
By the way, let me know if you need any help putting one together. I've been making mine on Photoshop and printing them at Costco. SO much cheaper.