Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Friday, October 24, 2008


The hypocrite I am referring to is none other than me myself and I!!! You know how when I say I am going to grow out my hair and then 24 hours later I cut it while I seem to have done the same thing recently, just on a larger scale! No I'm not bald... I have met someone!!!! 5 weeks ago I mentioned that online dating was totally ridiculous and people who did it were desperate and it was just absolutely nonsense, so with that in mind I naturally went online! His name is Todd and he has already flown, driven and taken a ferry to see me for just 24 hours, this is a pretty big deal considering he lives in Pennsylvania. He is wonderful, kind, gentle sweet and handsome; and considering the last one had none of the above qualities mentioned I think I am doing pretty well. So I asked him if I could show my girlfriends his picture and he said 'yes' so here he is ladies...

Good looking!! I know, try not to be too jealous now, he is all mine!! And Todd if you are reading this;


Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Oooh! How exciting Chelsea! That is so great! You'll definately have to keep us all updated! Oh - and one of my really good friends here in CA recently married her "online" find. She has 2 kids so it was hard to get out. And they are so happy. I think it's a new, great way to date! Have fun!

jessica&john.com said...

Very Exciting! Ahhh, the twitterpation! I need more details! How old is he? What does he do? Does he have kids? Is he LDS? What are his hobbies? So many questions. I think I need to call and get more juicy info!

las cosas de la vida said...

Ohhhhhhhhh Chelsea!!!!!! We can't live with or whithout them, eh???
My sister is marrying a guy she met on LDS planet...so you'll let us know, ok??? :D

Audrey said...

Twitterpation is not a word I get to use often anymore, but you go girl! I want to know all the details just like the old days!
Congrats, you deserve it all.