Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Current Events

Well I previously had said that weekly Ty would be filling you in on up to date sea creature info and obviously that has not happened. The main reason for the delay is ME of course, finding time is main issue at hand. It has in no way been a lack of info on Ty's part. I kid you not when I say that he engages himself in a monologue from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed regarding sea creatures. Today he apparently felt that he could more properly express his knowledge by being naked while enlightening us all.

I being the one who has to read the scientific journals, am becoming quite versed on the subject myself. He has taken quite a keen liking to sharks and rays. As I write this he is in the midst of a discourse with himself; " the common thresher shark is the most common finding himself in all the oceans of the earth, the pelagic thresher shark is not so common. And now the big eye thresher shark, he is purple and metallic blue on top their bodies are covered in derma denticals" -for those of you who don' know what derma denticals are I will enlighten you, they are like scales just rougher and smaller. "derma denticals are not scales, fish have scales and whales and all types of seals have blubber (deep breath) lets now talk about the oceanic whitetip shark"to be continued...

As I leave you in suspense about the Oceanic Whitetip Shark I will let you know that Ty and I are off to the Pacific Biological Station on Saturday to meet some Marine Biologists! I am really looking forward to just one on one with him. Not of course forgetting my personal delight in seeing cute Marine Biologists.I also am indebted to my dear friend Tammy who will watch the other three rugrats so I can go.

Rylie, now she is a character, I have thought for a year now that she has been loosing her voice, but apparently the raspiness is uniquely all hers. She also is becoming versed in the ocean language of Ty because she follows him every where he goes. Her little obsession right now is singing and dancing and all things PINK. While I was in the shower this morning she was singing her version of Monkeys on the Bed;
" 1 little monkey jumpin, jumped off the bed and bonked his head, head bonk bonk bonkNo I not said the momma, momma fell off and bonked her head. Doctor bonked his head, I not I called the doctor, nana fell off and called mom."
I must say I think there is a composer in my midst, a composer who also dabbels in the world of cosmetics, mainly MY cosmetics. Rylie is also my little assistant following me, keeping me up to date on everything Ty is up to that she does not approve of and helping with the babies. It is so cute, she can tell their cries apart from across the house, I love seeing her interact with the twins. I will keep you posted on what activity Rylie chooses for our one on one date. I will venture to say it will most likely involve sha-ko-lat (chocolate) milk!

Oliver, wow does he ever look like Ty! He is such a patient little guy, so content and growing so fast everyday. I am proud to announce Oliver has consistently been producing solid poops! And last night he slept from 8pm until 4am!! Haleluia there is a God. I was beginning to think the no sleep was going to last forever.

Olivia, a total girl. She is so much daintier than Oliver and quite high maintenace and the ripe age of 10 weeks! She loves to be held, and talked to, Olivia like her older brother-by 2 minutes- also is producing solid poops! She has improved dramatically in the sleeping department as well, not quite as long as Oli but she is improving.

Chelsea, Moi, and Me, well I am lots of things. At the present I am doing well. Surprisingly the kids are in no way stressing me out. They are my joys and I am trying my hardest to eliminate all other stressers in order to handle to bundle of kids. I really know that by eliminating all unnecessary junk is the only way for me to cope. Some "junk" however is ongoing and has to be dealt with, like lawyer and court stuff, hopefully it will all be over soon. Now that is not to say that at numerous times during the day I feel like pulling my hair out and screaming into a pillow- which totally works- I just know and continually remind myself that this too shall pass. Soon Ty will be a famous Marine Biologist, Rylie a Composer and Cosmetic Entrepreneur, Oliver a Doctor and Olivia a Psychologist and they will take care of me! Either way I have been blessed with four of the dearest little souls and I want to enjoy every moment, because soon I have to go back to work and will not have as much time with them as I want. Anyway enough about us, heres till next time. My camera was acting up and I couldn't get pics of hte twins, next time though.


Suzi said...

Chelsea I am glad you found my blog. It is nice to hear from you. You have such cute kids! Keep in touch.