Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Friday, April 11, 2008

Roll Back

As I begin the night shift I am contemplating my day tomorrow and what needs to be prepared tonight in order to make tomorrow smoother. I look to my left and see the Walmart flyer, it suddenly dawns on me Roll Back Prices!! With their always low prices and now even lower- if you can believe it- tomorrow is the perfect day to go pick up some patience and endurace!! Today was a rough one and I seriously need more of the above. I truely wish patience was as simple as buying milk but to my dismay it is not. I have never been the most patient person and I am seriously finding the little patience I do have dwindling away, taking with it my endurance. I know all I need is a little sleep but sadly that too cannot be purchased in aisle 12 or accomplished at my house right now. You'll have to excuse this pity party I am throwing myself, I tried to talk about it with Oliver and Olivia but they seem to be more interested in the living room light! I do feel better now, blogging has really helped me vent a bit and use adult vocabulary. I am going to focus my prayers on patience and trust that my Heavenly Father has some on his shelf, and for some temporary solice I will go to Walmart and purchase a Fruit and Nut Bar and eat the whole thing like no one is watching!!!!


Melissa said...

Chels, You are truly amazing! I must say i have a hard time finding as much patients as you have. And news flash i only have 2 kids. So i have to hand it to you, your doing an AWESOME job! Way to go, Keep up the good work. And the pictures of your kids are so cute, they turned out so nice. I can't wait to meet your 4 little ones.

Heather said...

You've made that fatigue that we all feel sometimes sound very poignant. Beautiful use of "adult vocabulary." Beautiful children too.

cat said...

I'm impressed! Love the kids and hope you bring them over soon.