Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My name is batty the logic is erratty

It's true I go batty for birthdays and make myself crazy prior to the event. This year for Rylies I was sick too :( 

I ask myself and I've been asked... 

So why do I spend days on the cake weeks planning the shin dig? I do it because there's four of them and one of me. Because I don't have the time in a day to give each of them every bit of attention they need. Between working full time and all that encompasses running a household of five I feel guilty. 

I do it because I always have and they talk about their cakes year round they google ideas, draw pictures, discuss amongst each other what they should choose for their next theme. 

I do it because its now tradition one I hope they bring to their own families one day. Even though they all reassure me they're not having kids :) 

Rylies self esteem weighs heavy on my heart for many reasons and today seeing her with her bestie and her sister made me smile. She felt like a big shot and loved the attention.