Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Saturday, August 3, 2013

RCMP cousins family love worn out

My sister and her lovely family visited! A week of water my parents kitchen and cousins bonding it was great! 

Rylie and Adisyn became instant best friends and cried when they said till next time. Ty loved his uncle Brian and I would catch him touching Brian's arms it was very sweet. Livie and Mallory really hit it off the last day so wonderful for all the kids. 

All the kids loved Trenton who wouldn't he's a great kid. I still remember when he was born :) 

Flying off a tube and wearing a swim suit were both accomplishments even though my rear end flew past my sisters faces lol 

We went to the RCMP musical and it was lovely. Canadian pride, singing our anthem with RCMP officers on their gorgeous horses and hearing Ty belt it out and seeing his Canadian pride was great. 

Seeing rylie's excitement over horses brought the reality of family genes passing down. My birth dad has a love of horses and seeing rylie in heaven with them reminded me of him and of my grandmas stories of her riding her white horse to school in the snow. 

I'm also tired of thinking that the other parent will kick in and support. It's apparently too much to ask and alas it's all on me financial dental medical cuddles and worries. 

I turn 31 on Wednesday and in the past year I've realized I do freak flip and panic in crowds gatherings and get togetherness. It's hard for me. 

I'm blessed despite the hard times and the constant worries I have four beautiful children who put up with my anxieties and moods. They love me and are great. 

Oh and thank you for penicillin. Two girls have ear infections and Oliver's hangnail turned into cellulitis!