Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Sunday, March 11, 2012

E is for Exhausted

I am nearly done with nursing school.... I finish my preceptorship on March 21 and then classes until April 20.... and then study study study and write my exam on May 16. In between around and during that I still have to work, cook, clean, care and love my kids, pick up, drop offs and everything in between. It may sound as if I am complaining and.... I AM!!!!

I am tired and I cant wait for my school journey to come to a close and my go to work go home life to begin. I would not have made it through graduation, a divorce and everything else that life has dealt me in the past 6 months without my parents here and in Alberta. Their love and support keeps me afloat and helps me make it another day with my head held high. The support of my siblings whether it be through Instagram or a text means the world to me. The random cards from Sherwood Park Alberta make me laugh and bring a smile to a sometimes troubled day.

My friends :) You know who you are, you answer the phone when I call and listen and support me. You drop by with goodies to cheer me up and lend your ear yet again. My friends from Utah! I love you, my friends in Asia whom I miss dearly and feel grateful to still keep in contact with and all those in between Utah and Asia who bring me strength.

My co workers rock and are taking me to the Fox and Hound to celebrate the close of my preceptorship with my preceptor as it is his last day too.. He was chosen for a very prestigious position, we are both moving up!

Most importantly my kids! Without them I would not have the ambition and ability to press on, forgo sleep and snort when I laugh. They have taught me that hard work pays off, sleepless nights are temporary (sometimes they seem like an extended leave) and education sets you free.

Hugs and Love to all those in my life that are uplifting and dog gone awesome! And a heartfelt thank you to my churrins for putting up with my studying pooped out behaviour :)


Rachel Michelle Bannerman said...

I love that you say Education sets your free, it is so true, and yet so many people don't see that. You are such a great example to your little ones, they will appricate all your hardwork and the example you set, one day when they set out on their paths in life. Keep going your almost done!!!

Chelsea said...

Thank you Rachel!!!! Do u blog now ???

Heather said...

That does sound exhausting. I love your perspective on it all though.

jessica&john.com said...

e is for example for me to follow. way to accomplish your dreams.

Rachel Michelle Bannerman said...

Yes I blog, not as well as you though! http://peanutbuttermess.blogspot.ca/

Kimme Rae said...

your welcome. just kidding! glad to see you are blogging again :)

Chelsea said...

Thanks Kimme

Lisa S. Luckey said...

I'm so excited for you Chelsea! You've come a long way and are such an inspiration.