Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Lots of Spills and Sunshine

Friday, June 17, 2011


I love my new little(BIG) nephew:) Lennox!!! He is just so dang cute! I love that when Ty held him he just stared and rubbed his sweet face and wouldnt let him go. I also love all my other nieces and nephews and wished we all could live closer together. I love that Ty practices his slap shot nightly and when his partner in crime, Alex, sometimes accidently slashes his face he quote ''takes it like a man and walks it off'' :) I love that the hockey net was free on usednanaimo.com and the sticks were 8 bucks, I love that Noni wants to look like Todd and have me dye his hair dark and that Todd would be ok with me doing it! (I however think hair dye is for adults). I love that Rylie has an adorable new do and she thinks she looks like Tangled when her hair is cut and turns brown. I love that Olivia insists on applying chapstick 30000 times a day. I love that I made ribs for the first time and they rocked. I love that Todd says ''BOWCHICKABOWBOW''. I love that Noni says ''nana nana boop scotch'' instead of nana nana boo boo.

Heres to hoping I survive this med/surg clinical, PEG feeding tubes, bodily fluids, IV's, subcus, apical pulses and edema are killing me!!!!!! I cannot wait to be back in the locked psychiatric unit doing mini mentals and early psychosis interventions. On a somewhat side note I thought having four kids qualified me as a poop know it all, but today I was made aware that I have not seen everything in the world of poop and that is that.



ColleenDown said...

This blog made me laugh--I too, think of myself as a poop know it all--hmmm. We are all still waiting anxiously for a picture of little Lennox. Sorry about the hockey game up there-looks like things got a little crazy with you mild mannered Canadians. Trevor is headed your direction next week, it will be fun to hear about his experiences. Ribs--now that sounds good, must be close to dinner time.

Chelsea said...

Colleen- I am very embaressed by the stupid rioters! They must not be true hockey fans, rather just ignorant hooligans!

jessica&john.com said...

I love this post and the way it made my heart melt. I love the sweet things your kids always do and say. I also love ribs and would love you to post your recipe;)
P.S. You poop side note put a huge smile on my face. Me and my mom can so relate.

Kimme Rae said...

It's so cute to see kids holding babies! Cassius is pretty gently with him too...until he throws a book at Lennox and hits hi square in the head! At least that was the first and hopefully the last time he does that!!!